How to Sell an Old Car That Doesn’t Run – 2024 Guide

Sometimes, we all will need to face a situation where we need to say goodbye to our loved one. No, we are not talking about people. We are talking about cars. People who had a particular vehicle know how hard it is to say goodbye when the time comes. There are two ways you could go in this situation. You could either sell it to a company that specialized in this field or you can simply throw it away. Thankfully, the latter is not as common as it was until a decade or two ago. With that said, you should be aware that there are companies that would pay top dollar for old cars that can’t run anymore.

Selling a car in this state can be a little bit challenging. Many of the potential buyers would try to lower the initial price. Their aim is to pay a smaller price for a car they can fix and sell as a working vehicle or they could sell it for scraps and get a good price for it. Since selling a vehicle that doesn’t run is a challenge of sorts, we have decided to provide you with several tips you can use and get the best possible price. If you are in the state of Illinois and you look to sell your old car, look at this site for more info. Having the best possible outcome for both sides is always the best way of doing business, right? Without further ado, let’s get started.

Try to Fix the Car Before Selling it

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Before you try to sell your old car that doesn’t run, maybe you should try to fix it. There are high chances that the price of the vehicle is going to be much bigger you can ride it. We truly believe that you should try it out before you sell a vehicle because the price could be bigger for at least a couple of hundreds. Just to give you an idea of how big this increase is, averagely vehicles who don’t run can reach the price of $1,000. So, this is something that you shouldn’t treat lightly. Even the smallest of repairs could make the car starts. If you succeed, you will have, without a doubt, more arguments for a negotiation table.

Have a Conversation with a Car Dealer

Maybe you weren’t aware that, annually, around 17 million brand new cars are sold in the United States. At the same time, roughly 40 million old ones are sold as well. These are the facts that tell us that there is a large market for used and old cars. Therefore, you should do a little bit of research about the market itself. You can have a conversation with a car dealer and compare it with what you already found. Moreover, you can even talk with a dealer about the worth of the car, and why not, you can even sell a vehicle to your dealer if you get a good price for it.

Sell it to the Junkyard

Junkyards from all over the country are going to welcome whatever is left of your car. They could even get you a price of a couple of thousand dollars. There are several ways you can go in this case. You can even sell a vehicle as of whole, or you can part it out. We will talk about it in the next part of our article. Anyway, you need to be careful when selling a vehicle to the junkyard because some of the owners are going to be in the mood for bargaining. Before you go to the junkyard, you should hire a mechanic to take a look at your vehicle and see which parts are still working. That way you will have more information to bargain with.

Parting out a Vehicle

Last but not least, is the decision to part out your car and sell it for scraps. This is an approach you will undergo when it comes to making a profit from a car that is both unfixable and no one wants to buy it. Even though we would say that this is the last resort, don’t be fooled and think that this is an act of despair and get as little money as you can. This is definitely not the case. Just think about how many vehicles are there in the world. Chances that someone in the world needs a part you have in your vehicle are pretty big. You can even use all of the parts and post them on a site like eBay. Literally of all the parts could be sell for a pretty good price, that is without a doubt.

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Give a Vehicle as a Donation

If you can’t find anyone who will buy your vehicle, either as a whole or parts, you should consider donating it to charity. Truth be told, this is the last resort. This doesn’t mean that you will not get any money from it. On the contrary, you will not get cash, but you could receive a tax receipt. The amount of money on the receipt is going to be equal to the worth of your old vehicle. Having these receipts is going to prove useful when you are about to get a tax return at the end of the year. This is a very good way of gifting something to society and earning a few bucks at the same time. As we already said this is probably the last resort.

The Bottom Line

We’ve listed all of the approaches you could take when it comes to selling a car that doesn’t run. However, we would like to say that the situation is going to be different for every vehicle and that you shouldn’t expect the same scenario every time you try to sell one of these. At the same time, all of these are the best ways you can handle this situation. We hope that you found our article useful.