A New Addition to 4ME, the Enterprise Service Management Tool


4me announces a new integration between its cloud-based Service Integration and Management tool (SIAM) solution and the identity and access management (IAM) system of SailPoint. This new integration product is called the 4me SailPoint Connector.  It provides real-time integration between the company’s workflow capabilities and SailPoint’s application access provisioning functionality.

Real-time assessment of information makes all the differences. Yes! With 4me users experiencing the most services from their workstation, it is built for support. Furthermore, this great services tool provides about 50% less administration through:

  • Self service lets the customers get registered and track their requests.
  • Intelligent Request grouping allows handling problems and services 10x faster.
  • Contains workflow automation to save customers precious time Change Manager.
  • Serious problems are identified for the quick response.

4me is equipped with a high-end setup for a wide range of functionalities including incident management and problem management, therefore, goes well with all organizations. This great tool shows great flexibility to users to set up their own workflows. It’s very straightforward upon usage, all you need is to assemble all the relevant data such as service catalog, SLA’s, and you are ready to use this ITSM.

With this integration, enterprise employees can use Self Service to request access to any application connected to the IAM software. The workflow engine of it then ensures that all the necessary approvals are collected.

Once the access request has been approved, the correct access rights are provisioned automatically by IdentityNow.  This eliminates mistakes in providing access and improving request handling efficiency.  It also ensures that the employees can use 4me Self Service for all their requests and do not need to access a separate portal when they need access to their organization’s application services.

The connector was created and is maintained by Joost-IT, one of 4me’s partners. They built several continuity measures into the connector to ensure services continue to work after updating the applications managed by IdentityNow or network outages.

4me and SailPoint are dedicated to making service organizations more efficient by creating solutions that integrate common services in one single platform.  It just makes sense to integrate these solutions.  Our solution is created to require only a single setup moment.  After that, any changes in roles or profiles in IdentityNow are automatically available within the environment.


They Offer:

  • Quick global response time
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ready to use setup
  • Great availability
  • Supports full range of IT and enterprise management services

Minimum Implementation Costs

4me provides a rapid start guide that makes it very easy to understand the whole process more easily and quickly. No need to go beyond any tutorial for further guidance as you can find online training modules for each support role to let you explore more useful specifications of it.

However, ask for your 4me account. The service desk will start to register requests in a matter of days. You can also run your additional implementations after seeking guidance via Account SetUp Guide.

Setting Up the Connector


Setting Up the Connector

After determining the applications managed in SailPoint and the roles or profiles requested, a real-time connection between both systems is established.  A mapping is created to ensure the appropriate data is passed from 4me to SailPoint at the appropriate moments.  Customer guidance is provided for the proper setup and functioning of the connector.  Once configured, automated unit tests are added to ensure the connector is not affected by new releases on either side of the connector.

The SailPoint Connector can now be ordered globally from all 4me partner organizations.  More information about this advanced ITSM – IAM (Identity Access Management) integration can be found in the 4me SailPoint Connector product brochure.

The formal press release about the SailPoint Connector is available on Newswire.