4 Ways to Style Rings on Your Fingers


These days it is all about styling. You’re basically not allowed to have a miss. This especially goes if you are living in fashion centers such as Los Angeles or New York. Everyone is a fashionista. This is why many people are searching and finding their unique style. Those who pull it off usually make it due to some small touches, such as rings. With these small pieces of jewelry, you can do many tricks, and men and women all over the world love to have them on their hands. The combinations you can pull off are limitless considering all the shapes sizes and materials of rings. Today you have them not only in gold and silver but also platinum white gold, copper, and pure steel like in the past times. We won’t even go into those titanium ones. When you add the stones that could be used to adorn them in the shape of diamonds, opal, or emerald you get the bigger picture. These many options could create confusion so we’re going to tone everything down for you with these four ways to style rings on your fingers. Let’s start.

Match Rings With Outfit


Matching rings to outfit is the best place to start. The best part is that doing this shouldn’t be too hard. You can find different pieces at Ideaure. Rings can be used in many ways and the first one is to match it with the rest of the colors you’ll be sporting. Most of us choose color schemes we’re going to be wearing each day, and you should have a matching ring for each one. If it is hard to pair them with clothes due to the unique color of a ring, you at least need to pay attention that they get along nicely with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or any other piece of jewelry you put on. As we said, this is about the simplicity of matching things. Do not wear gold rings with silver earrings. Silver goes with silver, and gold goes with gold. If you watched werewolves movies such as the Underworld franchise with Kate Beckinsale then you know that silver also harms these beats. Furthermore, you need to make difference between jewelry and rings you’ll wear with casual outfits and those that follow elegant style.

Choose Rings to Occasion


If you are a ring lover, we assume you have plenty of them and not only one. It is good to have them in abundance, but you need to know that you can’t wear them all at the same time. It’s just not how fashion dictates these things. For example, if you are deciding to wear a cocktail ring on your hand things are unique. These rings are used to make a statement. This means that you do not combine them with other hand accessories. It’s not how things are done. The reason is their sheer size and shape, which is why they’re hard to match with other rings. Wedding and engagement rings fall into this group, but these two are exceptions. You can wear them all the time, with other pieces as they’re unique in what they represent. But, if your ring has a big stone it is recommended to wear them as the only ornament on your hand. While we’re talking about wedding and engagement rings you can find an interesting piece if you visit here.


As we said, there are many materials and many matching stones, paired with shapes and sizes of all sorts which result in numerous combinations possible. We could say that your options in this department are limitless just like Bradley Cooper is in the movie of the same name. This is the primary reason rings go very well with any other accessories you could be wearing. All you need to do is to take care of the matching. Rings are ideally matched with various accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, shawls, necklaces, bracelets, and of course earrings. It is interesting to note that males are those who love a good ring matching some of their other accessories. You can also combine rings, wearing different pieces on each hand, making yourself look badass. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, they’re called bands, and these are various metal rings that could be plain or interestingly shaped. It all comes down to your preferences. Sons of Anarchy would love to have a word.

Spacing Out


Now, be careful here. We’re not talking about giving in to your thoughts excluding everything else. We’re still in the rings department talking styles. One of the predominant styles many people adopt is wearing a couple of rings on their hands. But, you need to watch out if this is your choice. Wearing too many rings on one hand or one finger is not always smart or good-looking. Balance is the key. You need to collocate them equally on both hands and all fingers. This is what spacing out is. Make sure that there is a balance between your hands and your fingers. You can also have more than one ring on a finger. It is about your preference, of course, but make sure you’re not just randomly piling things on your fingers. The line between style and shunt is a small one.

Bottom Line


There’s much more to know about rings and fashion, but we couldn’t possibly fit it all in one article. In the end, it all comes down to your will of exploration to find new ideas and make them acceptable to society. If you have plenty of rings and not enough time to wear them all, we’re sure that now after reading this text you have an idea or two on how to solve this issue. As you can see there are plenty of options, and we’re sure you’ll find yourself in one of those we have listed above. Remember; just because someone doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good on you. Feel free to experiment with your rings and fingers.