8 Smart Hotel Management Tips And Tricks That Will Boost Your Business


The entire world is slowly, but surely, recovering from a pandemic, and because of this, traveling is once again a possibility. However, after two years of not having frequent guests or not having guests at all, you might be wondering whether or not it’s time for you to change things around your hotel.

To solve this dilemma right away, yes, change is always welcome, especially now when people from all over the world are more eager to explore different places. To help you boost your business for this spring and summer, here is a list of our top 8 hotel management tips and tricks that could help you:

1. Don’t Neglect The Power of Social Media Platforms


You might have posted a few things in the last two years, which is why it might be easy for you to remember to update your social media accounts. This is, of course, a very big mistake, especially since social media platforms are very powerful these days. Since you’ll use them as promotional tools, you might want to opt for creating aesthetic pictures, one that’ll represent your hotel in the best light, and by doing so, you could end up attracting customers.

Now, keep in mind, you shouldn’t post content once a week, instead, keep your potential and previous customers’ updated on, for example, all the changes you’ll be making this year. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget to be consistent and to create a personality for your hotel brand, mostly because this will allow your guests to connect the account to your business. Also, share stories, and don’t forget to include your visitors and staff members!

2. Reviews Are Important


While on the topic of social media accounts, you should remember that people believe in what others write about a hotel online. And, although there might be some bad reviews that you aren’t proud of, you should use the ones that are positive to your advantage. Because of this, you’ll want to respond to the testimonials, as well as share them on your social media accounts, and more importantly, your website.

3. Use Various Management Apps And Tools


Technology is constantly evolving, which is why you must ensure that you use it for managing your hotel. Currently, there are thousands of apps and programs that can help you. For example, there are companies like Book4Time that offer complete system integration for hotels and resorts, and by choosing such services, you could gain things such as a centralized booking system, various marketing tools, you can use for managing your revenue – and all of this from one platform.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of options available on the market, so before you choose to purchase a specific one, you might want to first determine what your business needs. From there, you can easily browse different options until you find a program that’ll suit the needs and requirements your hotel has. Also, don’t forget to compare different programs/apps mostly because this will allow you to choose one that is most suitable for you.

4. Focus on Training Your Staff Members


You’re only the manager of the hotel, your staff is the one that’ll interact with your guests the most. Because of this, you should focus on and invest in training your staff members. Additionally, they should be polite, hospitable, and welcoming at all times, no matter in which department they work. Why? Well, this is something that can contribute to improving your customer satisfaction levels, which might lead to them leaving positive reviews, and thus, you could end up increasing your booking.

5. Make Some Improvements

You should know that an increased number of people focus on visuals these days, which is why you might want to work on how the interior of your hotel looks. The changes don’t need to be expensive and drastic, instead, you could, for example, focus on one area at a time and start by making your lobby fun and stylish. Or you could make sure that there are some basic commodities in each room such as a hairdryer and towel. People do notice the small, yet meaningful changes, so, you should invest in such improvements.

6. Consider Partnering Up With Local Companies

For starters, working with local companies is a great way to support each other, however, your hotel can benefit incredibly from it. For instance, by partnering up with a local farm, your hotel could serve organic fruits and vegetables and your partners could direct guests to you. You should consider partnering up with wedding organizers, bakeries, and local breweries as well, especially since you can use all of their goods for your business.

7. Look at The Trends From Time to Time

What was popular two years ago, today, people don’t really care about it. And, although you might not realize it, you could be losing customers because of outdated trends. For example, people tend to be increasingly Eco-friendly, which is why you might want to use recyclable products such as coffee cups and plates. So, instead of simply running your business as you did 5 years ago, look at the current trends from time to time.

8. Promote Special Packages


Last on our list, but definitely beneficial as everything else we’ve mentioned are you choosing to create and offer special packages. This can literally be anything from a spa package to one that’ll take people sightseeing, all the way to special holiday packages for families. As mentioned, people love trying new things, and promoting fun and interesting packages could help you improve your sales and, of course, revenue.


If you’re thinking about switching things around in your hotel, the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above are definitely worth considering. Not only can they help you increase your customer satisfaction levels and social media following, but they can also help you increase your booking!

Since you now know some of the top strategies that you might want to implement, you might not want to spend any more of your free time reading articles similar to this one. Instead, you should go through our list one more time, determine what might work for you, and start improving your business!