Smoking as the Reason for Cancer

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What causes cancer? According to the tabloids, almost everything. Red meat, toilet cleaners, cellular masts … But these threatening theories have not been scientifically confirmed, and you can only believe in them if you really want to. The only exceptions are cigarettes. They cause cancer for sure. The connection between these things and lung cancer is confirmed by numerous scientific studies conducted in different places at different times. The death rate from cancer is one of the highest.

Almost half a century had passed since the chief surgeon of the United States declared that scientists had irrefutably proved the harm of smoking and its connection to lung cancer. And despite this, next to any institution, whether it is a pub, a supermarket or even a hospital, there is a bunch of puffers who cannot overcome themselves and stop. The contradiction is what destroys them.

About 80% of lung cancers are associated with past or present smoking,” said Sam Janes, a professor at University College London. “So public education on this issue is necessary.”

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Yes, we are not talking about other factors affecting health. After all, the media speculate on the harm of everything and everything, starting with sugar in tea, ending with a sedentary lifestyle. But cigarettes are still more dangerous. In combination with any of the known evils, their deadly effect is multiplied by two. That is why the lion’s share of tobacco advertising has been removed from the air and the pages of printed publications. That is why the authorities tied up with the sponsorship of sports events cigarette corporations. (Do you remember Formula 1 race cars painted by cigarette brands?) Although in fairness, it should be noted that this is the minimum of everything that can be done in the context of the fight against smoking.

Some smokers switched to vape pens (check which gives the body nicotine without harmful tar contained in tobacco smoke. But scientists say that the mixtures for vape pens have their harmful components, the effect of which on the body has not yet been studied at all, and what diseases they can cause – no one knows.

In addition to the most obvious, there are other recommendations. A balanced diet with a large percentage of fruits and vegetables, an active lifestyle and regular exercise can help avoid the sad fate. If the specifics of your work involves the use of a respirator, wear it necessarily.

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Treatments for lung cancer are progressively progressing. In the laboratory, Janes will soon begin testing the combined method of gene therapy and stem cell therapy. He also expects that the development of computed tomography will allow making a diagnosis at an early stage.

The significant content of carcinogenic substances in tobacco and products of its processing determines the close relationship between smoking and the development of oncological diseases. By the way, vape pen juice can’t cause cancer. It has been established that the risk of cancer is significantly (almost 30 times) higher in hard-core smokers and starting to smoke early. Cancer mortality also increases in parallel with cigarette consumption. The risk associated with smoking is different for tumors of various locations and depends on the age at the time of onset of smoking, the duration and the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

The risk of cancer of the mouth and pharynx in smokers increased by 2-3 times compared with non-smokers and ten times in those who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day. The risk of developing laryngeal and lung cancer in smokers is very high. As a rule, for the development of lung cancer requires a period from 10 to 30 years of smoking. However, the risk of lung cancer increases by 3-4 times when smoking more than 25 cigarettes per day. The results of American researchers pointed to the critical role of age at the time of onset of smoking. The highest risk of lung cancer was observed in men who began to smoke before the age of 15. The risk of esophageal cancer is five times higher in smokers compared to non-smokers, and the risk of stomach cancer is 1.5 times higher.

Smoking and lungs

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Smoke comes into contact with the lungs, significantly increasing the risk of cancer, pneumonia, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and other pulmonary diseases that make breathing difficult. Fortunately, many changes are reversible.

Smoking and your heart

The effect of chemicals contained in tobacco smoke on the body is a major risk factor for developing myocardial infarction and other heart diseases.

Myocardial infarction – a cardiovascular disease characterized by the formation of infarction in the muscle of the heart as a result of impaired coronary circulation (atherosclerosis, thrombosis, coronary artery spasm). The development of myocardial infarction (mostly against the background of strokes), including smoking. The main manifestations are a prolonged attack of acute compressive pain in the center or the left half of the chest, feeling of fear, suffocation, collapse, fever, changes in the blood and on the electrocardiogram. The patient needs emergency hospitalization.

Smoking and your appearance

It adversely affects your appearance. It causes yellowing of teeth and nails, as well as increases the number of wrinkles and leads to the syndrome “Smoker’s Face”.

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Many people believe that it helps control weight. You can buy the best e-liquid vape pens and smoke without harm to your health. But, quitting smoking, on average, people gain no more than 3 kg. Proper diet and exercise will help you control your weight after you quit smoking.

Smoking and cancer

It can cause disease in organs that come into contact with smoke, such as the lungs, throat, and mouth. Since chemicals from smoke enter the bloodstream, cancer can occur in many other organs.

Passive smoking

It affects not only you. Tobacco smoke enters the lungs of others, and this can cause many complications that occur in regular smokers.

Most people quickly decide to start smoking. They get some satisfaction from this process, and the thought of possible dangerous consequences is pushed into the background. Do not become one of them! If you do not smoke – do not start, and if you smoke – stop smoking! You can quit smoking, thereby maintaining your health and the health of others, or help quit your friend, relative or friend. It is for this that your willpower exists.