Social Networking Trends That Are Set To Capture 2019

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Social media platforms have changed how we socialize and network with each other. Now we connect more through our desktops and mobile phones than with an actual person. Our friends post about their activities on social media, and that is how we know what they have been up to. We connect more with people through social media than by meeting them in person. There are many side-effects of this too; networking only through social media might leave a person depressed for it is only a virtual platform and not the real thing.

As much as it has affected the way we socialize, it has also changed the way products are marketed, and news is distributed. It has brought in new spaces and trends for marketers to exploit and made marketing a whole different ball game.

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Here are some of the trends that are on the rise and will be even more so in 2019:

1. Live Streaming– This has come to be used heavily nowadays, mostly by businesses and personalities. One puts out an update that he/she will be live soon, his/her followers will get the update and stream the video live. It is a new trend in marketing and that which is extremely useful in marketing a product or connecting with customers. La Liga in Spain announced that they would stream all their matches live on Facebook starting season 2018-19; this was a great move from the association because they understood that the fan following is all over the world and many do not have regular access to the matches. Businesses too, use the same method to gain an edge over others by connecting with the customers on a regular basis and promoting their products.

2. Social Listening– There are multitudes of software which offer insight into what is actually being said about stuff related to your product or service. It helps a marketer understand what it is that people actually care about. It helps to understand the trends of marketers via analyzing social media posts. It allows businesses to create content according to that and make advertisements which make an impact on the revenue. BestOnlineAssignmentHelp went the same way and understood the pain points of students residing in different countries; this helped them create a service and target where it would be beneficial.

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3. Focusing on Younger Generation– We have all heard and read a lot about how millennials are different from older people; that they respond to different needs and have a varying set of demands and needs. It is said that they focus more on happiness and growth than having a set load of money. There is also talk of a younger generation than the millennials that are called the Generation Z who are just being recognized as a potential target market. This year, the focus will be more on them as they have just gained more buying power entering the market.

4. Augmented Reality– Coming a longer way from Virtual reality, Augmented reality provides the users access to a number of creative features using a desktop or a cell phone. Though virtual reality hardware and software have developed much; they are still not accessible to everyone because of the price tag. Augmented reality allows for a creative process as well and isn’t that costly. Pokemon Go and Face Filters are examples of Augmented Reality. EssayWriter4u has used this method to allow users to search through their samples and interact with writers sitting in the offices. Among its many uses, it allows the user to dive deep into how a business is working and serves its customers.