The Best SEO Packages Out There

The importance of including and investing in SEO when it comes to your online business is clear as it is there to improve your website rank and attract the target group that will go ahead and buys your products. And as you might already know there are some SEO trends that are good to stay for many years to come like for example keywords, mobile experience and user interface, while the other will simply slip away and get replaced by new and upcoming methods as the year goes by. Saying this it is important to always stay up to the latest SEO techniques, and for that, it might be wise hiring an SEO agency with an array of marketing experts.

Now, some people consider that investing in SEO is quite pricey and they are quite a skeptic about it. And it is true that there are different SEO packages offered that start at various prices (depending on the number of services offered). You should make the decision according to your needs and size of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the most common SEO packages and what are the best ones out there!

The Most Common SEO Packages

  1. First of all, there is the Basic SEO Package. Usually being at around $150-200 it includes Basic SEO Services that are good for a small business. Here you can count on 10 keyword optimization, research, title optimization, baseline, and monthly ranking report as well as backlinking optimization and analysis. For the price offered, this is more than enough for a business that is just starting.
  2. The second popular package is the Local SEO Package and is designed for businesses that want to become popular in a certain area. Depending on the number of keywords and web pages optimized the price can range from $250 to $750. It includes everything as the previous one plus competitive analysis and further link development.
  3. One of the most common ones that big businesses look for is the National SEO Package. Including up to 50 keyword and page optimizations and all the latest trends, it is something worth investing in. The price is usually from $750 to $1250.
  4. Last but not least is the Audit SEO Package including any upcoming and ongoing SEO trends, analysis and weekly reports. The price you can expect is $2500 per month.

Some Of The Best Packages Out There

When it comes to some of the best SEO packages out there comparing the price and the quality the Submitcore SEO packages have to be at the top of our list. This agency is widely known and proven as a good SEO one, and you can expect nothing less than huge revenue growth if you go for it. Risk-free, and with a dedicated team working chances are you will be more than satisfied. When it comes to the Submitcore SEO packages offered there are three: basic; standard; professional. The basic one is $249 a month and includes 5 keywords, website analysis, content check, meta and title tags optimization as well as local citation and a 24/7 email support. On the other hand, you can step up the game by getting a standard one at $399 that has double the services offered in the basic one, and last but not least is the professional one that is at a price of $599 but has to be the best bet for all the bigger business out there. It offers 20 keywords, citations, content checks, analysis, reports, and a 24/7 email support. Overall, the Submitcore team won’t let you down, and it is just a matter of package that you go for!


Investing in an SEO is one of the best things you can do for your business, and it is better if you leave it to an agency rather than doing it by yourself (unless you are an expert). As mentioned above there are a lot of affordable SEO packages that will suit your needs and boost your website straight to the top!