Sony Corp (ADR) (SNE) CEO Says Full Production Workload In The Six Weeks Of Hacked Network

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) may well be the cynosure of every big technology company in the world for its negligently secured network; however, it’s work culture is something to learn about for every company.

CEO Michael Lynton, on Thursday mentioned that, the hacking of Sony’s network during pre-Thanksgiving, has not affected the morale of the company. He asserted that, no day was lost, and the company continued to produce television shows as well as films as per schedule.

Sony Corp (ADR) continues to reel under unsecured IT network nearly a month and more since, a malware that swiped out data from the network. While the miscreants behind the cyberattacks are reportedly varied: ranging from resentful employees, to the North Korean government; there have been no official confirmations about the group behind the attack.

Lynton claimed that unfortunately for Sony, it continues to be the ‘scapegoat’ in the larger picture of corporate cyber-hacking.

While no headways have been made, experts believe that typically hackers always leave a backdoor open on networks they have breached, for future attacks. Therefore, even as the IT network at Sony is being reconstructed, there is no certainty if the hackers are truly away from the system.

Meanwhile, US federal agency, the FBI continues its investigations into the causes of the attack. The agency has pressed into service Mandiant an investigative firm in cyber-crimes to establish the real nature of offence and the perpetrators.

Political allegations against the North Korean government aside, it yet needs to be seen if the identity theft of over 500 Sony employees during the hack will offer any scope to identify the real culprits.

Sony’s employees’ loyalty in making themselves visible at the Commissary and remaining in communication during such testing times has been the backbone of Sony’s survival. Lynton claims that thanks to committed employees, the economic disruption is sustainable.