Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) New Spartan Browser Has Talking Cortana Girl


News of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) new browser-in-development Spartan, continues to make technology waves. If news reports are true, online users could soon have a talking browser. According to reporter Tom Warren, at The Verge, Spartan-in-development has a digital assistant named Cortana.

Siri-like Clone Cortana

The new digital assistant by Microsoft Corp, Cortana is a first of its kind by the Windows OS maker. It is styled on the lines of Siri, the first generation voice-based device assistant on iDevices made by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).

Cortana, the developers say, will gain more insight about your browsing needs, the more you use Spartan.

Spartan browser, running on Cortana is expected to optimize browsing with minimal search sequences. Therefore, a random phrase or airline name typed into the browser is expected to generate pages of results which will capture flight information to end-to-end travel requirements, such as hotel booking as well as related travel information.

Cortana will also have other features. These include annotating or note-making, using a stylus on the browser itself. Additionally, users will also have the option to group tabs as per custom-needs.

For Microsoft, Cortana is part of the bigger picture to move all services to One Drive.

It is expected that Cortana-driven browsing and in-the-future other services will move data and other storable content to Microsoft’s cloud store, OneDrive.

Spartan to Spar in Browser Wars

For Microsoft, the timing of the launch of the new browser is important. As newer browsers like Chrome and Firefox dominate, Microsoft has been consistently losing ground to them, with its workhorse Inter Explorer. Therefore, Spartan is expected to not only narrow the gap in the browser wars, but move ahead of the peers with the digital voice-assistant.

As ‘siri’ like voice-assistants become the standard on most digital devices, Spartan seems to appears at the right time, along with Windows 10. It will take on the competition with wider range of extension apps, while Internet Explorer will remain in the background until full compatibility is achieved.