Spa and Pool Home Automation Tips

Some people find it easier to relax by getting into a hot tub immediately when they get home after work or from a busy day. If you’ve had a very tiring day, then a hot tub is the perfect way to refresh yourself. However, nobody wants to jump into cold water, especially in cooler months. Doing so would only worsen your condition. You need relaxing warm water moved around by jets to massage your joints and muscles. Hot water can be very therapeutic. The challenge is that you may not have enough time to get home before turning on the pool and spa control system, or there’s nobody at home to turn the spa on for you. It’s another added task added to your day when you get home.

We have some good news for you. You can start warming up the hot tub on your way home by using the pool automation system to begin heating the hot tub. There’s no waiting around for ready hot water.

The same remote app operates the pool automation system on your smart device. The pool and hot tub can be maintained, even when you’re away. It may seem to be complexing, but there’s no need to worry. Your installer should give you complete instructions on how to operate the app and your relaxation stations.

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How Does Pool Automation Work?

Operating your pool system is a lot of work without some automation. If your pool doesn’t have an automation system, you’ll have to turn it on manually. It can be tedious because systems like the heater and pump aren’t directly beside the pool. An automation system allows you to control all the features from one place.

The control panel uses actuators and relays to function remotely. It can also control water features, spa systems, and control lights. Even though we have home automation systems specifically designed for pools, some systems include both pool and spa automation. As always, the best practice for a proper installation without any issues to hire a pro to help you install your pool and spa automated system. Now you can enjoy luxury with convenience when operating your pool or spa.

By simply pressing a few buttons on your smart device, phone, or tablet, controlling everything from one place is easy. If you are a person with a hefty schedule, this is such a standout feature. If you are not yet using pool automation, then this is one thing you want to try. Next, let’s show you how it works.

The control panel uses actuators and relays to function remotely. It can also control water features, spa systems, and control lights. Even though we have home automation systems specially designed for pools, we have some that work for spas too. As always, we recommend hiring professional installers to install and maintain pool and spa features correctly. Their proper operation depends so much on how well they’re installed and maintained. It’s why you need to look for an expert to help you with the installation and is required if you’re looking for an extended period of use with this technology. Once installed correctly, the only decision left is to use either the smart device or remote control to operate your pool and spa system.

The good thing about pool and spa automation is that it is not that expensive. Installation costs prevent many people from moving forward with smart pool and spa automation because they think it’s too costly. It’s very affordable, and it can add value to your home. Naturally, the total cost depends on the size of your spa and the type of home automation system that you’re interested in installing. You can even install a regular pool and then upgrade later. Pool and spa automation isn’t a pre-built feature. You can add this feature later on. Build your pool now and then automate later once your budget allows. Focus on the build first, then the automation. Doing so gives you so much flexibility, as opposed to installing lights that must be installed at the time of pool construction.

Do your homework well in thinking about the parts of the pool system that you wish to automate. Some of these features include spa jets, chlorinators, automatic pool cleaners, landscape lighting, fountains, and bubblers. Therefore, you can set the cleaning mode while your away and spa mode to get things ready when you get home. The features that are most important to you depends on what you would like to achieve. You could be looking for improved ambiance, wow-factor, or efficiency, among other factors.

Do your research well because there are so many product levels and price points. Some products come in at low prices. The most important thing you need to focus on is the functionality of these products. It is not a matter of just trusting the first website that you come across. Find real uses and read reviews about the home automation system you are thinking of getting. Ask as several questions to stay safe. If not, you might find yourself paying your money for the wrong products, and it can put you back at the planning stage. Hiring a professional installer will help ensure that you’re getting the right parts at the right price. It will also ensure that you have a clear picture of the prepayments and deposits are expected. If you have to pay any money on some products, you need to make sure you are buying the right products that will function well later on.

From here, you can now go big with the full intelligent automation. It is the best option if you are adding automation to the existing pool. It will cost you a few hundred dollars to convert your pool to a smart one. It would help if you also tested the waters using medium automation. Most of the medium automation systems have an acid feeder and sensor-based chlorinator. Whatever your choice, pool, and spa automation is an available smart feature for your smart home. Enjoy.