Top 10 Ways to Spend Two Days in Aruba

Aruba is one such destination that is not known much to a majority of people. This hidden gem is located in the Caribbean, and it is just straight out of a dream location. Once you set your foot in Aruba, you will truly get mesmerized by the beauty of the landscapes and the scenic beauty. There are many exotic locations in Aruba that are a treat to the eyes.

Indulge in what is known as a tropical paradise by traveling to Aruba. It is for sure that you will never be bored of Aruba as it has many exciting attractions that are fit for all types of people. In true aspects, another word for paradise in Aruba as it has luxurious amenities, vibrant nightlife, fine dining restaurants, and adventure activities.

If you haven’t travelled to the Caribbean and are planning to do so, then Aruba is the perfect destination to get to know the beauty of the Caribbean. Here are all the top 10 ways through which you can spend two amazing days in Aruba. It will surely be no less than a roller coaster ride; therefore, make sure to be prepared for the adventure that is awaiting you.

1. Lets Go Beach-Hoping

Beaches are the main attraction in Aruba, and hence it is a must to first see the top beaches of Aruba. The world-famous beaches of Aruba are Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, and Malmok Beach. The beauty of these white sand beaches is that you will feel like you have just entered paradise. Eagle beach is a top-ranking beach in the list of the top beaches in the world. Make sure that you visit these beaches and have a lovely time with your friends or family.

2. Explore the Aruban Cuisine

The Aruban cuisine is a specialty of this island and a must-try. When you are in Aruba, it is a must to try out the different cuisines like Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, and get amazing deals. There are many restaurants that offer the best dishes on the island. Make sure that you take time out to explore and try out new dishes. Scintillate your taste buds to new dishes in Aruba.

3. Adventure Water Sports


What adds fun and adventure to your trip to Aruba is the fantastic water sports available here. Try out Jet skiing, windsurfing, and swimming to explore the clear and blissful Caribbean Sea. For the adventure lovers, there are many things to try out that will fill their vacation with the adrenaline rush they are looking for.

4. Major Sightseeing Places

There are pretty amazing sightseeing places in Aruba which you must visit, or else your trip to Aruba might be incomplete. There are also options where you can hire a vehicle to self-drive to the various locations that will tell you about Aruba’s history and rich culture.

5. Fishing and Snorkeling

There is no way that you can miss out on experiencing fishing and snorkeling in Aruba. If you wish to explore the marine life of Aruba, then snorkeling is the best way. The experience of snorkeling in Aruba is a top-notch experience as you will get to see many different exotic species. Also, you can go fishing as the water here is always full of different species of fishes. Catch them all and enjoy your time.

6. Go for a Shopping Mania

For all the shopping lovers there is nothing better than spending time shopping. There are many places in Aruba where you can shop till you drop. In Aruba, there are many retail stores and shopping malls. Enjoy shopping in Aruba!

7. Luxurious Stays

When you are in Aruba for two days, you can choose to stay at the luxurious Aruba apartments for rent to provide you with the best living experience in Aruba. Browse from a variety of options at where you can choose the apartments that best suits you. Your stay at the luxurious apartments for rent in Aruba will provide you with all the amenities and facilities.

8. Have a Gala Time in Aruba

There are many ways to enjoy to the fullest and have a gala time in Aruba. The nightlife of Aruba is very vibrant, and you will really enjoy it here. There is karaoke and live music programs happening in many restaurants now and then, which is also a great way to make the most of great food and music. The beachside restaurants have great treats to offer and have special days planned for the guests, which you can join.

9. Lip-smacking Seafood

One of the major specialties of Aruba is the lip-smacking seafood that is available here. If you are a seafood lover, you will not get such a tasty and wide range of seafood options anywhere else. Enjoy fresh seafood delights at the various famous seafood restaurants in Aruba. It doesn’t matter the cuisine you are looking for; you will definitely get it in Aruba. The rich cultural heritage of Aruba can be seen in the wide range of options available here.

10. Beautiful Sunsets


Sunsets in Aruba are very popular, and the sight of them is very dreamy and spectacular. To get the perfect view of the sunset, you must head out to the sea. Hop on a Catamaran, and along with enjoying sailing, you can sip your favourite drinks and enjoy the alluring sunset.  There is nothing more blissful than experiencing the beautiful sunset with your loved one.

We are sure that if you follow our list of top 10 ways to spend two days in Aruba, then you will have an incredible time while you are exploring the island. This incredible destination has many amazing experiences to provide to the tourists, which is why it is a top favourite amongst the ones looking for beautiful landscapes, adventure activities, and luxurious facilities. Aruba is truly a full package for a great beach vacation. In just two days, you can get to enjoy the best things and take back tons of memories from an unforgettable Caribbean vacation.