5 Ways to Spot a Fake Online Gambling Site – 2024 Guide


The benefits of advanced technology have influenced all the aspects of our life. Every day, more and more people tend to use those benefits to run a personal business. However, the number would be even bigger if there are no risks that we all need to take. Because of that, people chase some other ways to make money online.

Fortunately, the alternatives to running an online business exist. Some people start chasing clients on freelance platforms. Being a freelancer is a great thing for people that have a lack of working experience. They will get the chance to see how the business system functions and improve their skills. However, you won’t find your luck there if you truly aren’t good at something. For instance, you can’t become a graphic designer if you have average designing skills. Certain knowledge is a necessity and it takes time to improve your skills to a high level.


However, some people would rather choose some more entertaining ways. Because of this fact, it doesn’t need to surprise us while the online gambling industry is experiencing popularity growth. The proofs of that growth were visible during the Coronavirus crisis. Many people lost their jobs, businesses stopped working, etc. All those people started to actively visit online gambling sites to make some extra cash.
Still, many people do not believe that something like this possible. Indeed, if your gambling skills are not good, you won’t make money. Despite that, if you do not have a strong character, you can easily get addicted to different games. However, the equally important thing is to find a reliable online gambling website.

Many scammers realized the intention of people to make money by gambling. Because of that, a lot of them made fake online gambling sites. Well, being a victim of this type of fraud can bring some huge consequences. Fortunately, recognizing that type of website is not tough at all. Certain signs will give you a clear picture.
Enough talking; let’s find together the ways to spot a fake online gambling site.


Lack of Licences

Online gambling is a serious industry and not everyone can start a business there. You truly need to go through many regulations to get approval to start a business. In other words, an online gambling site can’t work without a license.
Finding out if a current online casino or sportsbook has a license is not tough at all. You just need to go to the bottom on the website and check that. There you will see which licenses a casino has. In most cases, they will possess those licenses from Curacao or Malta. These two approvements are reliable and you can be sure the casino is not fake. On the other hand, if the footer of the website is empty, try finding a new casino.

Do a Research

Social proof is always good proof that something is bad or good. If there were victims of a particular website, they will surely share that with the world. By basic Google research, you can find many blogs that do reviews of casinos. It would recommendable to do research and see what previous clients have to say. Their feedback would be a good sign for you. If there are many negative comments, you know what the smartest decision would be.
Despite that, some websites will allow users to share feedback on their website. If they are true professionals, why would they hide something like this? However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a current online gambling site is fake. Yet, it is something that you should put into consideration.
You can also check the media and see if there is some negative news. Of course, you should only accept the information from a reliable source. Competitors sometimes try to ruin the reputation of casinos in this way. Because of that, they tend to release some fake news through some unreliable sources.
Our goal is to make this article helpful for all the readers. Because of that, we would want to give you some directions. You can find out more here. There you can find some of the best legal betting sites. Check carefully which options they suggest and pick the one that meets your expectations.


Bad Customer Support

Every professional business in every business field will invest a lot in customer support. The customers are always in the first place and they need to provide them with the best possible experience. Things are not different when we talk about online gambling sites.
In the beginning, the fake casino will always share relevant contact information. One email is not enough confirmation that some casino is “real”. There should also be a phone number and the website should be connected with social media. In other words, everyone should have the opportunity to choose between multiple ways of communication.
Despite that, they should actively answer to the questions and concerns of their customers. In most cases, the professional online gambling sites answer in the next 24 hours. They will give you an answer to each question that you have.

Payment Methods

When you start researching the website, do not forget to check which payment methods they offer. The modern casinos also modernized their payment systems. You will now find a lot of them that will allow you to deposit cryptocurrency-based payments.
Anyway, some online gambling websites offer only fiat money-based payments. Be sure that those payment methods are reliable. For example, PayPal, MasterCard, and Payoneer would be a good choice.

How Do Fake Casinos Cheat?


Before we say “goodbye” to each other, let’s make things completely clear to you. There are three different activities that fake casinos use to scam people. Those three activities are refusal to honor pay-outs, deceptive bonus terms, and pirated game software.
The third activity from our list is the worst nightmare of the gamblers. Some casinos in the past have taken well-known game titles from certain providers. They managed to replace the game with pirated software. In this way, they succeeded to gain free access to the player’s pockets. This is the reason why you should carefully check the licenses that a particular gambling site has.