Sri Lanka – Exotic Dream Vacation

The diverse and beautiful nature, smiling and cheerful people, and rich cultural heritage. These are the main characteristics of Sri Lanka. The diamond shape of this island is not accidental. In the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka shines with a variety of colors. Golden beaches, great waves, and glorious past are just some of the reasons why you should start planning your trip to Sri Lanka already.

Sri Lanka – The Diamond Of The Indian Ocean

Those who come to this island claim that the first thing they feel is a surge of positive energy. This information should not surprise you. Sri Lanka has been considered the home of Ayurveda for the past five thousand years. Various treatments, yoga classes, and meditation will make you experience something new and soothing on your journey. However, if you do not want Ayurveda therapy on your trip, choose the one that is surely recuperating. Shopping therapy. Immerse into the world of unique jewelry, beautiful ceramics as well as spices and wardrobes.  Sri Lanka truly has much to offer. Although small, Sri Lanka is included in the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world. It is thanks to its diversity of species. A trip to Sri Lanka will surely delight you. Asian elephants, bears, leopards, and some endangered species have found a home in this country. The ocean around this island is also home to a large whale family. There are about 26 whale species in this area. This makes Sri Lanka one of the best whale and dolphin watching sites.

Visa to Sri Lanka

Since 1 January 2012, tourists or business travelers to Sri Lanka have to apply for a visa. This is the Electronic Travel Authorization – ETA. It is very important to be well informed about all the details related to a visa. The information must be precise so that you do not get confused. It is also important to emphasize the reasons for traveling. According to that fact, visas may vary if you’re traveling to this country for tourism or business. That is why we recommend that you get thoroughly informed about these things before traveling. More information about obtaining a visa can be found on Electronic Travel Authorization can also be obtained through a web portal at a price of around 33 euros. You can also take it directly to the airport for about 40 euros. If you opt for the latter, be prepared for a slightly longer and slower procedure when passing customs and border police. However, we recommend that you keep yourself informed on time. The rules of entering Sri Lanka often change.

There is also the issue of health insurance. It is optional but recommended. Insurance prices are fairly equable, as health services are cheap. The availability of services can sometimes be a problem. Travelers generally tour the whole country, and in smaller towns, health centers are not well equipped.


The presence of the military in the east and north is obvious, but all to regulate law and order. Traffic police are present at every turn! Due to the small pockets of tourist places, special tourist police can be found. It is recommended to use cash. Credit card frauds are possible anywhere else in the world.

These are the things you should also keep in mind:

Traffic safety

If you are renting a car, drive with caution as traffic rules in Sri Lanka are subjectively interpreted. Particular attention should be paid to buses and stray dogs. As for the trains, Sri Lanka is known for its popular tourist routes that run through tea fields. It should be remembered that over 10 deaths occur annually due to tourists hanging through the open door of a wagon.

The sea in Sri Lanka can be dangerous

Primarily because of the strong currents of the Indian Ocean, but also a large number of rocks and reefs. Every year, dozens of drownings are reported to Sri Lankan police.

The wildlife in Sri Lanka is everywhere

Caution is advised in the presence of elephants, leopards, and crocodiles that can be found in many nature reserves. Elephants can even be encountered on the roads. If you are moving in nature you can expect swarms of wasps and hornets. Pay particular attention to information about this phenomenon if you are visiting Sigiriya.