Stephen C. Paddock, Who Was The Man Behind The Deadliest Massacre In US?

While the authorities are still searching for the motive for the deadliest massacre in the U.S. history that has been committed by Stephen C. Paddock, we are getting more information about his life. More than 500 people were injured, and 58 were killed with the last victim being Paddock himself as he killed himself.

There are many theories why did this man decided to do what he did but relatives suggest that his life might have been heavily influenced with his father arrest. When he was only 7, one of his neighbors took him for a swim as she knew that the police are coming to arrest his father and she wanted to spare the boy the trauma. As a result of this, it could have happened that he decided for loner lifestyle.

Paddock had three brothers, but he was in touch with only one, Eric. After his father was prisoned, he and his three brothers were raised by a mother that struggled on her own. As they were growing older, Stephen lost touch with two of his brothers Bruce and Patrick. While they were kids, Bruce often beat Stephen, and that was the reason for both Eric and Stephen not to want to have anything to do with Bruce. On the other hand, Stephen simply stopped talking with Patrick since they were different people.

Eric Paddock gave a statement saying that his brother didn’t talk much with people, including him. They would hear from time to time but nothing more, even they started a business together, they didn’t communicate all that much. “Steve had no help. Steve did not take help. He was a stand-alone guy.”

For Eric, it was incredible that something like this has happened. He talked about his brother as a good person, sometimes maybe not the friendliest guy but certainly not a man that would do something like killing and injuring more than 500 people.

We are sure that July 28, 1960, the date when his father was arrested, was a day that changed many things for this man. It certainly affected his family, and that is something that was stated by the relatives, the Paddock’s family was never the same. But, is it possible that this was one of the reasons for the Las Vegas rampage?