Steps in Selecting a Prom Dress


One of the magical things that you can do for yourself as a woman is to dress up as per your body type. If you love your body, it is a sign of a perfect and a healthy mind. Your confidence and appeal will boost up if you dress is tailored to fit you perfectly. 

Prom is a big night for you and if you are dressing up for it, you need to reconsider the dresses you select as per your body type. Some prom dress trends are on fire and it is your responsibility to select the best dress for yourself this season.

There are various smart tips and tricks that you can follow irrespective of your figure. Even if you are small, timid, petite, plus size or busty, all the types of dresses are available for you. Many women dread the process of selecting a dress for themselves and in these cases, you just need to find a place where you can get all the tips combined.


How to select a prom dress for yourself?

Since prom is the biggest event, here are some tips that can help you in selecting a prom dress for yourself. It is a grand event in a teenager’s life and the tips below are going to help you out in choosing the right prom dress that will make you steal the show.

Understand your body type

You need to understand what your body type is. There are basically five major body types that are going to help you greatly in the whole process. Choosing a quality prom dress for yourself always depend on the body shape and size of the lady. The prom dresses are selected based on body shape. Here are some of the body shapes and sizes according to which you can select the best prom dress for yourself:

  • Busty body shape – The girls who fall in this category are considered very lucky because of the butt shape and narrow width of the hip they possess. So, for this shape, you can find a dress that reflects your best areas.
  • The apple shape – The apple shape body is one of the most generous body shapes for women. There are a wide variety of dresses that are available for the women who fall under this category of body shape. If they wear a short dress, their thin legs will be defined in the best way. There are baby doll dresses that might be highly suitable for this body shape. Then there are empire waist dresses that will also make you the center of the attraction if you fall in this body shape category. This is definitely going to outline your beautiful facial traits.
  • Slender body shape – The girls with a slender body have a perfect body shape and can try on various dresses that are in fashion. There are asymmetrical dresses, high slit dresses, and the belted waist dresses that will definitely look awesome on the slender girls.
  • Pear-shaped – Most of the celebrities are pear-shaped and then the ladies who fall into this category always the figure and the beautiful outfits. The main objective is always to add some volume to the upper part of the body. Also, you can wear a strapless top to accomplish this goal. This will make you look hot.
  • Petite body shape – The girls who fall in this category of body shape, can easily wear the dresses that show their legs to elongate the essentials of their figure. There are asymmetrical trimmings that are available and will make you look taller. Even if it is the reality, you might look more than your actual length. You can easily choose the feminine dresses and pair them with heels to flaunt your body type.

Suggestions for your prom dress for 2019

You can consider the following dresses if you are baffled about the dress selection –

  • A beaded dress two-piece dress – The two-piece dresses are one of the biggest trends this year and it will definitely give your body a perfect shape. These dresses are a perfect fit for the busty girls. If you have a less defined waistline, you can check out the dresses with the voluminous bottom section as this will add some fluffiness to that area of your body. You can also go for the beaded section for the upper part of your body. With this, you can add a pair of small earrings or a ravishing piece of jewelry will look good.
  • Long sleeveless gown with an astounding V-neckline – If you want to add some volume to your lower part, this is the dress that will accentuate your enticing waistline and the butt. In this way, the visual balance is created and you are preserved by your awesome look in the prom. If you want to make it more comfortable, you can drape a necklace around your neck to look like a prom queen.
  • A flutter-sleeve short dress – For most of the people, short dresses are not suitable for the prom. However, that is not the case. The lace dresses always have a striking effect on the long, lean and beautiful legs. You can always choose a neckline if you want to increase the visual appeal of your overall personality. Flutter sleeves are in the recent trend and are considered one of the best prom dresses. It is a celebrity inspired prom dress style.
  • Off-shoulder dress with a slit – These are the dresses that are amazing by nature and you can easily flaunt your body in these dresses. It works better with the women who have an apple shaped body. There are off shoulder sections as well that will create a visual effect to resemble your hourglass figure. And the high slit is the one that will contribute to the balance of the entire outfit.
  • A V-neck fitted dress – It is a dress that has an extraordinary v-neck that will look awesome on the slender girls. It is going to throw some light on your delicate collar bones making you look more beautiful than ever. The fitted designs are the ones that can help you in getting a perfect shape for your body. You can flatter your figure and beauty with these v-neck fitted dresses.
  • An empire waist, high neck dress –  If you choose properly, this dress will make you look amazing with your slender figure. You can also go for a short dress to flaunt your amazing legs. This dress will also create a volume for the upper part of your dress. Even if it is sleeveless, it’s going to make you feel awesome. The body type you have will be highlighted with this dress.

So, if you know about your body size and shape, you are going to find the best prom dress for yourself.

Hit the stage with the best prom dresses!