Steven Seagal Another Star Accused Of Inappropriate Conduct Towards His Female Colleagues

Recently the Harvey Weinstein scandal was all over the news, but it seems that he is not the only one that wrongfully treated other people in this business as it has been reported that Steven Seagal has also been accused by one of his female colleagues. He is yet another Hollywood star named for misconduct, and it is a question where will this end.

This accusation came from Lisa Guerrero, and according to her, this happened in 1996 when he called her to come to his home for a private audition. She wanted a role in the movie Fire Down Below but felt quite uncomfortable with this invitation and decided to go with a casting firm representative. According to her, famous actor waited for them in a silk robe and nothing more.

Guerrero said: “When I read about Harvey Weinstein, the reports of him appearing in a robe triggered me. That’s exactly what Steven Seagal did. I found out later that he was notorious for this.”

According to Lisa Guerrero, Steven commended her at the casting saying that she did a great job but added that she would need to come to his home for a private audition. This was one of the requests if she wanted to get the leading role in the movie and it was reported by her manager. This proposition was declined by Lisa, and the part went to Marg Helgenberger in the end.

Another situation in which Steven Seagal was involved was reported by Jenny McCarthy. She went for a private audition for Under Siege 2 after which Seagal told her that she would be required to take her clothes off as there will be scenes of that kind in the movie. After that, they argued, and she left his home in tears.

McCarthy’s claims were soon denied by Seagal spokesman, but we did not manage to get the hold of his representatives for any comments regarding any of these two cases.