Smackdown Live Superstars Put Raw Under Siege!

Survivor Series is the one pay per view where Smackdown Live stars get to go head to head with their counterparts on the Monday Night Raw. The traditional 5v5 Survivor Series elimination match will again come back for this PPV event. On Raw, Kurt Angle announced that there will be two of those elimination battles, one for the Women and one for the Men division.

He stated that at the beginning of the show and he also wanted to name his starting lineup for that 5v5 Elimination match. But, he got interrupted by the whole Smackdown Live crew that was walking down from the crowd led by Shane McMahon. The Superstars from the blue brand surrounded the ring and were ready for the orders from Shane McMahon.

He announced that Raw is under Siege and that he and his guys are there to take the red brand over. Kurt Angle calmly walked to the back when Shane ordered them to go to the backstage and to lay everyone out. That is exactly what they did as they had a huge numbers advantage. The New Day, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler were just a few of the people that attacked Raw, including all the women on the blue roster.

Then, they were ordered to get Kurt out of the back and into the ring yet again where Shane officially challenged him to a Survivor Series 5v5 battle, advising him to pick his best stars since Smackdown Live is taking this fight seriously and they are not going to back down from a full out brawl. We’ll see if Raw does the same thing in the following weeks.