Steven Seagal has been granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin

In an unexpected turn of events, Steven Seagal has been given Russian citizenship. To make this even more serious, the decision was made by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Even on the official website of the Kremlin, there is a decree about the decision to grant Steven Seagal with Russian citizenship.

Here is the exact quote of that order: “To bestow citizenship of the Russian Federation to Seagal Steven Frederick, born on 10 April 1952 in the United States of America,”

There is nothing illegal with this decision because it was made accordingly to Russian Constitution. If you want it more, precisely the article in question was Article 89 of Constitution of Russia.

In September it was Seagal himself who started the talk about him getting Russian citizenship. At that moment he stated that there is nothing official but that it could be found on his schedule rather sooner than later. He said that Russian Citizenship would make him eligible to stay in Russia for a few months a year. Staying in that country is something that he wants to do because there are people who love him and wait for him.

Two years ago in 2014 Seagal gave an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta where he stated that there are no obstacles from US government for him to gain Russian citizenship. In addition, he wanted to make it clear that him renouncing US citizenship is not an option. He was quoted saying that he loves his country and is proud to be an American.

Earlier this year Steven Seagal became a citizen of another Slavic country very similar to Russia, the Republic of Serbia.

Becoming Russian citizen doesn’t come as a surprise if you know Steven Seagal’s connection with this eastern-European country. He was frequently visiting Russia in previous few years. Most notably he visited Russian town of Zhukovsky where he attended a military parade. He was even projected to be the cover face for some of the Kalashnikov Concern products. This plan didn’t become a reality but we don’t think that Steven cares now. He is too busy being Russian citizen now.