Honda and aftermarket parts for Civic and Ridgeline debuted at SEMA

As we already mentioned, SEMA brings all the best from the car and parts manufacturers and when Honda is in question that doesn’t change. Although Civic Type R prototype attracted a heap of attention at Honda’s stand at Las Vegas, there were plenty other modded Honda models on display such as the new Civic and Ridgeline. The Civic modding comes to no surprise to anybody because it is one of the most commonly customized cars out there ever since the tuning scene peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s. But the Ridgeline came as somewhat of a refreshment and surprise, but boy it looks awesome!

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Honda Factory Performance concept – this one shows the potential for modding a Civic even if you do not drift off from Honda’s backyard when parts are in question. The concept shown here is full of Honda’s parts that come from Honda Factory Performance (HFP) brand which includes anything-but-subtle bright red rear spoiler, 19-inch mat black wheels covering new cross drilled brake rotors, red splitters, and side skirts, as well as a variety of HFP, badging.

Honda Civic Coupe Racing concept – this one is actually built by Honda engineers just to see how the latest Civic Coupe act as a racing car. The list of modifications is long but what is most interesting is the full FIA-spec roll cage inside, lightweight battery, Injen’s new intake and exhaust, a new radiator, and a Jackson Racing oil cooler. The suspension pieces and brake lines on this one come from Honda Performance Development (HPD), and they are doing their job along with Alcoa brakes, Bilstein shock absorber, H&R springs as well as numerous other safety and durability upgrades. But what is really interesting here is that this car isn’t just for show and looks, this exact car is going to take part at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill race in December.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe by MAD Industries – is the example of what you get when you let tuning houses get a hold of your car. Don’t get us wrong it is anything but bad! MAD Industries took this 2016 Honda Civic Coupe and added a “few tiny” changes to it such as a new intake, exhaust, and engine map that increases the power of the 1.5-liter inline four engine from 174 to 200 HP. It has Eibach springs that lower the car by additional 1.5 inches and 19-inch wheels that wear sticky Toyo Proxes T1R tires. On the visual side of it (the exterior) you can choose your own custom paint and as a bonus get a carbon-fiber aerodynamic parts.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe Tjin Edition – shows that you can still customize your car and make it look pretty tasty. The modification list here isn’t long, and it includes 18-inch Rotiform OZT wheels, new Baer brakes, BC Racing coilover suspension, side skirts and a rear lip from the HFP catalog.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition by MAD Industries – Mad Industries tried to merge style with the usefulness and they pretty much nailed it. The end look of the Ridgeline is more than awesome and it can now with ease transport the Honda CB500F motorcycle in its bed. Other than that there were several other changes that include an Eibach suspension kit that lowers the Ridgeline by 1.5 additional inches, new 20-inch wheels, and a blasting sound system. The CB500F also had to be in tone with the truck that is why it also received a number of carbon fiber accessories.

2017 Honda Ridgeline with Honda Genuine Accessories – shows just how Ridgeline can be as cool as other trucks with a range of dealer supplied accessories that will be offered for this pickup. There is a huge list here of production parts that will be sold as add-ons, and those include the bed extender, new body side moldings, tonneau cover, roof rails, running boards, and carbon-fiber grille insert. Furthermore, there are also a few concept trinkets that found their place on the Ridgeline such as LED light bar on the top of the roof and new LED fog lamps.