Trans AM Championship has a new sponsor and it’s Pirelli

You don’t have to be a motorsport fan to know about Pirelli. World famous tire maker is associated with more than a few car brands and is being one of the world’s most recognizable brands itself. Now, after association with Formula 1, Pirelli is bringing its name to another racing championship. The one in question is the Trans Am Championship, as you can tell from the headline.

This sponsorship is not all that’s new with Pirelli because just a few days ago they announced that their lineup will be enriched by quite a few products. Some of these are P Zero products that are intended for luxury cars, sports cars, sedans and for high-performance vehicles. Most of the attention by Pirelli was focused on durability, overall safety, noise, and handling, especially in wet conditions.

This sponsorship’s main goal is to expand Pirelli brand on the market where they weren’t present before. Mostly associated with high luxury brands, which can be seen with what they have introduced at SEMA, Pirelli is now looking to be connected with muscle car genre. Currently, at the SEMA on Pirelli stand you can see Lamborghini’s and other exotic vehicles, but in not so distant future we could be seeing Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers that are classic American Muscle cars (If the times were different Pontiac Trans Am name would be on this list too). This would come naturally after the announcement that Pirelli and Trans Am Championship are going to cooperate.

The Italian tire maker announced that they are going to supply Trans AM Championship with tires from P Zero series that are custom made for this division. Manufacturing of these tires was approved after they were thoroughly tested by Pirelli staff, experts, and drivers from Trans Am. The special accent was put on Cinturato tires that are made for racing in rainy conditions so that Trans Am races won’t be interrupted by weather.

This entire arrangement was made so that Pirelli could enter the North American market while at the same time producing tires that will fit perfectly with Trans AM Championship. Their goal is to make radial tires that will fit in all categories, and they saw this racing championship as a good starting point.

Pirelli will work both as a supplier and a sponsor during three year period starting from 2017. The championship will in the future carry the name: “Trans Am Championship, presented by Pirelli.”