Buffalo Bills vs. Seattle Seahawks – Week 9 Picks And Predictions


This is a weird choice for a Monday Night Football game as we are not talking about two great teams or two big rivals. We can say that the Seahawks are a good football squad, but Bills are just in the middle of the pack. ‘Hawks did slip a bit in the past two rounds, but they are still a contender in the NFC and are leading their division. As long as that is the case, Seattle is going to be just fine.

Even Rex Ryan has admitted that it’s unrealistic for him to think that Bills, or anyone else in the division, can actually catch the New England Patriots. Buffalo can win that wild card spot, they are in the mix, but they need to watch out for Miami and New York that are all of a sudden not that far behind them in the rankings.

Seahawks offensive line has been a problem this season. When you combine that with hurt Wilson who is not able to get out of the pocket and do what he does best, you have a Seahawks team that is good, with a lot of room to improve, but not elite at this point. This defense is still all-world, so the Bills will have their hands full on Monday.


LeSean McCoy is questionable for this game and Buffalo. A lot of their players will be limited on Monday, but we already saw that they have few guys on that squad that can step up and fill in when their number is called.

With all that being said, there is no way for us to figure out how can the Bills go to Seattle and pull off an upset here. Seattle should win this one, and we are picking them to do it. The final score of this game will be 30:23 in favor of the home squad.