Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders – Week 9 Picks And Predictions

Even though wild card team for a playoff spot is most likely to come out of the AFC West, this is still a pretty big divisional game in which two 6-2 teams are trying to make a statement and sit at the top of the division after this week. This matchup will be a Sunday Night Football game, and that is just raising the pressure and excitement about this highly important duel.

It’s a battle between an elite offense and superb defense. Unstoppable force against immovable object matchup is always fun to watch. Raiders are known for their offensive firepower while Broncos have relied on their defense to win them games in the past.

Derek Carr is setting all kinds of record these days. He is coming off a 513-yard game, so it’s safe to say that this man is on fire right now. But, saying that he won’t top that performance against Denver is not a bad bet to take. Raiders have a lot of weapons, and they will need them all in order to put up some points. The Blackhole will welcome these teams on Sunday night, so that gives a small advantage to the Raiders.

Broncos have gotten back to winning football after dropping two straight. Siemian’s momentum did cool off after suffering an injury that sidelined him in Week 5. Still, he is a good quarterback for this team, and they are winning when he is on the field. Unfortunately, Anderson’s season is done so that can cause some trouble as Raiders can focus on the Broncos’ wideouts. On the other hand, they are putrid on defense so Broncos might even get away with not running the ball.

This is a matchup where we want to pick the Raiders, but we have learned that you should always go with the team that has a good defense and pick it over a good offense. Broncos defense will be at their best on Sunday Night. Carr will make some mistakes throwing the ball and give this 24:21 win to Denver.