Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Polish Fan That Woke Up From Coma

Usually, great athletes are also great people, and that has been proven many times in the case of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. He met with Polish boy that he helped to recover from a serious incident and his family before the game with Legia Warsaw that ended 3:3.

In an incident when a car knocked David Pawlaczyc of his bicycle boy was seriously injured. He fell hitting his head after which he was hospitalized. The situation was serious, and David was three months in a coma while his desperate parents didn’t know what to do to help him.

After three months of coma, a miracle happened. His parents knew that he is a huge fan of Ronaldo and they decided to turn on the game Sweeden – Portugal for a little boy to listen. In that match, we could saw fantastic Ronaldo scoring one of his hat tricks in a 3:2 win that allowed his team to qualify for the World Cup 2014. This woke up David, and he recovered.

After Ronaldo and Real Madrid’s heads heard this news they decided to invite young David to the Champions League game that was held on Santiago Bernabeu. Unfortunately, at the match against Borussia Dortmund Cristiano Ronaldo and David did not meet but another game was a perfect opportunity for these two to meet finally.

Portuguese superstar invited David and his family to a hotel in which Real Madrid expedition was staying. They had a pleasant conversation, took photos and talked about what happened. Without a doubt, Cristiano helped this boy to recover, and his parents are forever grateful to him.

This is yet another proof that you always need to fight and never give up. It really doesn’t matter if you or anyone think that Ronaldo might not be the best football player, it’s not about that, it is important that people like him, that are famous all around the globe do their part in making the world a better place. We are also grateful to all those athletes and celebrities that are doing a great job all the time helping others.