Summer Home Decor Trends for 2024


With sizzling summer underway, it’s natural to want to refresh your space to match mother nature’s new vibes. As you spend more time outdoors lounging poolside or hanging on rooftop bars, you may wish for your home to fit the relaxed summertime lifestyle. Look no further for our top summer home décor trends for 2024.

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The time of all neutral everything is a thing of the past for summer 2024. It’s time to spice things up and go bold!



We want to point out the first summer home décor trend for 2024 is color saturation. Bold maximalist shades add a pop of modern style to your space, giving it an elevated, updated aesthetic this summer. A great place to add these saturated colors is in a fun area rug, or try painting your bathroom walls with a bold tone for a show stopping look. Take the color onto the ceiling for an even more dramatic effect. The days of all white, everything is out, and saturated hues are in for summer 2024.


Wallpaper is having a moment in the summer of 2024; we are here for it! Wallpaper is an excellent way to add a bold, bright, fun design to a space. Try incorporating hand-painted wall coverings for a luxe look, or add a dramatic ceiling drape for a wow-worthy appeal. However you decide to wallpaper, it can be a versatile option for giving your home a maximalist, high-end look this summer.


Our next trend that is carrying over from seasons past is selecting sustainable materials for your design. Being more mindful of the products you purchase can help our environment, and these sustainable materials will ensure your space looks on-trend this season. Consider incorporating natural, dark-tone wood, marble, stone, rattan, leather, and glass into your home. Some ways to add these materials include:

  • Collect beautiful sea glass on your summer beach trip and place the pieces in a vase for a show stopping display.
  • Add a luxe marble cutting board to the center of your coffee table for a grounding look to your décor
  • Place a rattan accent chair with leather cushions in your living space for a natural touch of comfort.


When we say nostalgic, we don’t mean the mid-century modern trend that has been happening over the last decade, but instead, think grandmother-chic. Add playful, maximalist wallpaper or a vintage lamp with character to make your room pop. Incorporate colored vintage glass pieces for a pretty touch grandma would have adored. Add dainty embroidery on a throw pillow or curtain or some vintage teacups on a shelf for a sweet look that gives nostalgic charm.


Plaster for home walls

Plaster is having a revival in the summer of 2024! Adding this handmade texture to your home walls can significantly impact your space’s look and design. Rather than the hard, sterile feeling that metal or other smooth materials have, plaster is a way to make your entire room feel more inviting, homey, and comfortable. Try adding the design to a bathroom or hallway for a subtle touch of summer 2024 taste.


Next up on our summer home décor trend list is funky, bright, and bold rugs to help ground your space in modern summer style. Add effortless color and pattern to your home with larger-than-life area rugs. A new carpet is a great, easy way to refresh your space! Try going 70s shag chic or handwoven Moroccan design to suit your summer space. Whatever rug style you select, make sure it offers bold, maximalist colors to make your home pop like it’s summer 2024.


Just like jewelry in fashion is the perfect finishing touch to any look, so is jewelry for the home! Try adding an elegant sun-catcher to your window for a pretty sparkle in that summer sunshine. Swap out your kitchen cabinet hardware for crystal knobs, or add a fun gemstone plant stake to add some shine to your earthy houseplants.


outdoor living space

Summer often lends itself to spending more time outdoors, so why not give your outdoor living space a revamp as well? Create a relaxing retreat in your backyard or balcony to enjoy all season long. Add bold colors to your outdoor space with lovely floral blooms, a bold patio umbrella, and comforting al fresco dining furniture. Add a wooden bar cart to create a hosting space you are proud of to top off the look. Creating a bright yet serene outdoor space is on-trend for summer 2024.


The following summer home décor trend for 2024 on our list is ensuring you are adding comfort and cozy vibes to your home. An on-trend design doesn’t mean it has to be sterile and uninviting (in fact, it’s the opposite!). Be sure to incorporate soft furnishings into your space for a welcoming look. Some ideas to add cozy comfort include:

  • Drape throw blankets for an elegant, soft finishing touch
  • Incorporate throw pillows in bold shades to add comfort and style
  • Add comfortable seating so you and your guests can gather and make summer memories


Last up on our summer home décor trends for 2024 is to display yourself in your home. We don’t mean your latest selfie, but instead, display items of meaning to you! Try displaying your collection of vintage art in a thoughtful wall collage. Display your book collection or seashell gatherings boldly on shelving. No more hiding what makes you happy in drawers. It’s trending right now to show off your personality through your things in a thought-provoking fashion.

We hope you feel inspired to update your living space this season with these summer home décor trends for 2024. Whether you incorporate all these ideas or just a select few, your home will indeed feel like it has a new life once you give it summer spruce.