Super Bowl Week Starts With The End Of The Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl is a game in which the fans can enjoy all the big names on the same stage. Fun moments are always a big part of the annual Pro Bowl game, but it seems that the fans of the NFL don’t care about that. NBA All-Star game is always much more fun than the Pro Bowl, people actually like it and watch it. When it comes to Pro Bowl, most of the people are just glad that it’s over so everybody can focus on what’s going to happen in the near future.

Atlanta Falcons have already landed in Houston. Patriots will be there pretty soon. Everything is set for a big showdown on Sunday between the two best teams in the Playoffs. But, before the actual game, we will have a full week of interviews, statements, and stories from all the conferences and media appearances from the players and the coaches. Image how many good moments we will get from the press conferences of Bill Belichick, a guy that is not on “Instanchat” or “Snapface” as he likes to call those social media.

Patriots are entering this week as slight favorites, the majority of the people are leaning towards picking them to win this game, but Falcons are not to be underestimated. They are there for a reason as their offense is one of the best that NFL had seen in the past decade.

Patriots are not bad on offense as well. When you have Tom Brady on your squad, you are going to be putting up some points. All in all, the match should be a high-scoring affair that will be fun to watch and will most likely go down to the wire. It feels good to say that the Super Bowl week is finally here.