Super Mario Run: Release Date and New Info

When Nintendo delivered “Pokemon GO” for iOS and Android platforms in the summer this year, a great number of people were surprised by the level of popularity it reached in such a short time, the developer alone included. Of course, they hoped it would be a success, but the game eventually turned out to be at the very top of the most downloaded games on the market. Anyway, unexpectedly or not, the results were impressive, and Nintendo would now like to achieve at least the same ones with their new game “Super Mario Run.”

It has been promised that the upcoming game system will be significantly improved so as to avoid the problems “Pokemon GO” encountered (caused by certain system issues). Furthermore, Nintendo claims there are already about twenty million people who have signed up for game updates and information about its release. The all-time favorite game character seems to have attracted a lot of attention.

However, there are still some who are skeptical about “Super Mario Run” and its success. The reason for doubt is, as some sources claim, the wrong marketing strategy. They believe Nintendo has to draw attention to the game mobile release if they want to make this title even more popular. Besides, it has been confirmed that “the word-of-mouth virality” played quite an important role in making “Pokemon GO” as popular as it was, so Nintendo shouldn’t forget about that either.

Another thing “Super Mario Run” developers should be aware of is the comeback of “Clash of Clans,” the last year top grossing app on the App Store and Google Play. This game is already popular, but as it receives more and more updates, some might say it has a good chance of winning the race.

Super Mario Run Release Date

We can start the countdown, as the forthcoming game release date is scheduled for December 15, 2016. It will be available only on iOS first, but soon afterward on Android as well. Try it out!