Superior Farms Ranchers


Behind every tasty lamb meal produced by Superior Farms, there is a dedicated family that took care of the sheep from birth to maturity. These are the ranchers, and they take pride in their job. They humanely handle their sheep and take care of the minor details that result in the unchanging good quality you find today. They are the employees of Superior Farms, but they’re also the owners. Every family farmer in partnership with Superior Farms owns a piece of the marketing farm.


The main work of the Superior Farms is to process and market the sheep so that the ranchers can take care of the meat quality. Due to this mutually beneficial relationship, the partnership between family farmers and Superior Farms is full of respect. Superior Farms understand that without the farmers taking care of the quality, they’ll soon run out of business. Also, the farmers need Superior Farms to take care of the marketing so that they can do what they’re good at-producing quality farm to table lamb.

Below are some of the common traits among the Superior Farms ranchers that have contributed to the now thriving Superior Farms American Lamb business.

1. The Sheep Rearing is a Family History

Some of the oldest sheep farmers in the USA are with Superior Farms. These are the family farmers that keep their family history and fore-fathers visions of growing the lamb business alive. To these ranchers, producing sheep is a hereditary trend from one generation to the next. They enjoy the farm and their sheep and cannot change it for anything.

The Bitners, for example, has been rearing sheep in the same farm for almost a century. The current generation is still living in the same family home as their earlier generation, and regardless of the changing times, their passion for producing sheep hasn’t changed.

The Caskeys have also been in the family sheep producing business for more than half a century. To them, Superior Farms has already taken care of the marketing front of the sheep and now all they need to do is focus on producing the sheep.


Just like the Bitners, their passion for sheep production runs for generations and will continue for many years to come. Development of newer methods of saving data keeps increasing their profit margins.

Although farming production is profitable, to the family farmers, sheep production is, first of all, a family tradition and a part of their heritage.

2. Ranchers Rely on Sheep Production for Income

Superior Farms Ranchers take their job earnestly because it’s their source of revenue. Having a sustainable sheep business was the vision of their former generation. The responsibility to sustain the family on this business keeps passing from generation to generation and with an increase in demand for lamb, times are getting better for the family farmers.

Dan Dawson, one of the partners of Superior Farms took himself through college with the sheep production income. He’s also sustaining his family through the trade. Such dedication has only improved the quality of the American lamb. It’s a business, yet to remain in it for a long time to come, quality measures are put in place from the beginning of the production till the end.


3. The Superior Farms Ranchers Enjoy Taking Care Of The Environment

Superior Farms is known for its dedication to protecting the environment. Their modern processing plant, the largest in the USA, runs on wind and solar power. The firm also has a fully equipped water recycling plant to ensure minimal wastage of resources. Consequently, they’re in partnership with ranchers who believe in their course of preserving the environment.

Steven Osgurhorpe, a long time rancher of Superior Farms, mentions that in taking care of the environment, in return, it takes care of you. Most of the ranchers have large rolling green hills with a variety of vegetation. When the sheep feed on a variety of bushes and shrubs, they in return fertilize the land, leading to a sustainable ecosystem.

4. They Take Pride in the Superior Farms Brand

Family farms, in partnership with Superior Farms, are proud to associate themselves with the final product. Their toil and efforts to bring out the best from their flock remain intact through the production and packaging processes. Just as they’re stakeholders and employees of Superior Farms, they likewise consider their sheep to be their employees.

They hold their flock accountable and use the set standards to vet their quality and productivity. The ranchers only give the best to Superior Farms. More than 400 farmers are in partnership with the giant lamb producer yet; they take their responsibilities singularly and keenly to keep the brand alive and give the best quality American lamb to the consumers.



For every piece of Superior Farms you take home, you help feed a family, sustain a tradition and contribute to a greener ecosystem. Ranchers play a huge role in supplying the world with quality lamb and maintaining a thriving, balanced and sustainable ecosystem. To them, sheep nurturing is more than a profitable business. It’s their identity and their way of life.

These ranchers’ sole responsibility is to produce quality lamb throughout the seasons. It’s a job they’ve done for decades, and they have become competent and skilled over the years. In purchasing a Superior Farms brand, you’re also along with them, preserving the environment and promoting the American economy.