What you need to know when buying a mountain bike

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Choosing what kind of a mountain bike to buy is not really an easy task. Many different brands offer a variety of bikes.

To narrow down the list of choices and select what is right for you, we’re going to provide some tips which hopefully will help you make the correct choice.

Pick the right size for you

One of the most important things when choosing a mountain bike is the size. Some companies prefer to label their sizes as “Small”, “Medium” or “Large” instead of giving the exact measures of the frame in centimeters. You need to be careful with this because some companies might have a “Large” frame that is the exact same size as another company’s “Medium” size.

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You should choose what fits you. We advise that you always check the measurements of the reach, which is the distance from the saddle all the way to the bars, and the stack which is the distance from the center of the crank to the mid-head tube. Сheck out this article, on bikesreviewed.com – about beginner mountain bikes.

Pay attention to the size of the wheels

Just like frames, wheels come in different sizes as well. Some say that you should have a certain type of wheel size for certain types of rides, but others say that its mostly personal preference and you should use whatever feels best to you. Unlike frame sizes, there are no “Large” or “Small” sizes when it comes to wheels, they are accurately displayed in inches and you can pick whatever you prefer.

Price is important, make the right decision

The amount of money that you are going to spend on your bike will vary and depend on many factors. Usually, the model of the bike will decide the price range. Some people will tell you that you have to spend thousands of dollars if you want to get a “good” bike, but this is certainly not true. There are many options and many good 2019 models of mountain bikes that won’t break the bank.

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Also, it’s much better if you have some budget left to buy other necessary things such as a high-quality helmet, so don’t waste it all on an overpriced bike.

Do I want suspension or not?

Mountain bikes can be “Rigid”, “Hardtail” or “Full Suspension”.

If you’re new to bikes you probably don’t know what this means but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A “Rigid” bike is not the most common type of mountain bike. This bike doesn’t have any suspension. They are usually less expensive but not the first choice of experienced bikers. The good side is that they are easier to maintain and weigh less.

“Hardtail” is a type of bikes that have suspension in the front “a fork”, which helps to absorb impact on the front wheel. Hardtail bikes do not have suspension on the rear. These are also not so hard to maintain and they are less expensive than full suspension bikes. Some of these bikes have a feature to lock the fork on the front if you decide that you want a fully rigid bike, and if you change your mind you can just switch back.

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“Full suspension” bikes can come in many variations, but the general concept is that they have a fork on the front and a rear shock to fully absorb impact on both sides. This drastically improves the smoothness of the ride and makes it a lot more “forgiving” and enjoyable.

A full suspension bike will make you feel the bumps a lot less but it can sometimes “bob” a little and you might lose some of the energy transfer when you’re climbing uphill, which again proves us that it’s all about personal preference.