Surface Pro 5 Release Date Coming Soon, Features and Specs

Surface Pro 5 have been a rumor so far, but it appears that one of the Microsoft’s employees has accidentally leaked the device. According to the employee’s LinkedIn profile, the new device will come together with HoloLens and Xbox, and it is described as one of the “devices of the future.” As Windows Central reports, the profile of the employee has been edited, and it doesn’t contain details anymore, but Tweeter user h0x0d took the screenshot before these changes occurred.

There are so many rumors about the Surface Pro 5, but just like with many other devices that are waiting for the launch, Microsoft keeps its mouth shut. According to some rumors, the Surface Pro 5 was supposed to arrive last year, but it has been postponed for this year instead.

With this leak, the chances that the device will be revealed during this year only increased, but that is about it when it comes to concrete information. Rumor has it that the tablet will be presented with Surface Book 2 and some even claim that the Windows 10 Creators Update will arrive at the same time. The Surface devices will come with the latest OS features, and we expect the introduction to take place in March, while it will go on sale a month after that.

What is also interesting is that the Pro 3 has been removed from the Microsoft’s online stores, which may be another hint that the Pro 5 is coming. Microsoft promised to discontinue the tablet from 2014, and they are doing it under the radar, thus making room for the upcoming releases, says TechRadar.

Surface Pro 4 has seen some discounts lately, and the latest one offered the Intel Core i5 device with 256 GB of internal storage for $1,049 which is compared to the original starting price of $1,199 a significant decrease. In addition, the price of the Intel Core m3 with 128 GB of internal storage dropped to $699 from $899. Immediately, the speculations arose that Microsoft was disposing of Surface Pro 4 stocks to make room for the Surface Pro 5.

The price of the new device will be similar to the price of the old one, and the Pro 5 should come with the latest Kaby Lake CPU. Furthermore, to improve battery life, the new device will use Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, but different processors are expected to be available. When it comes to screens, the customers will have a choice between the ones with 2K and 4K resolution. There is a possibility that the Surface Pro 5 will bring 16 GB of RAM, while some other versions will have 8 GB or even 4 GB for entry level models.

The upcoming tablet is going to sport the USB Type-C port, and it will be equipped with Windows 10 and its newest features. Microsoft may offer the choice of the Surface Dial, but that is not certain. What is more likely is the improved Pen, and the Surface Pro 5 might even be unveiled at the only-few-days-away MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.