The Rock Explains Why He Called CM Punk From The Ring


One of the biggest stories of the wrestling world this week is The Rock being in the WWE ring before and after Raw came off the air. But, when it went off the air, The Rock made a move that has everybody talking, and that was a bit controversial for some. He used his phone to call CM Punk and leave him a voicemail right from the ring.

There are reports that WWE officials are not really okay with this move by The Rock as CM Punk doesn’t have a good relationship with the company, he has burned a lot of bridges in the WWE and then decided to quit on his own. He was really unhappy and has been trashing and bashing the organization ever since he left it in early 2014.

But, to this day, he is still one of the most popular guys that are somehow tied to WWE even though he hasn’t been in the company’s programming for more than three years now. He is still over with the fans, and they chant his name pretty often even though he is not even mentioned by other wrestlers.


AJ Lee, his real life wife, came out and ran down the ramp as she was a part of Rock’s movie about Paige’s life and her wrestling family. Naturally, the crowd reacted with the CM Punk chants, and The Rock decided to call him on the spot. The company even said that they wanted to cut of Rock’s mic, but he responded with “They better not cut off my mic!” Later, he explained why he did it.

“I work off instinct, always listen to the people and try to give em something special. Huge positive feedback from WWE Universe. Fun night.”

What do you think about this move? Should The Rock call him or not?