Survival Gear You Need To Have

More than 150 people die each year while in national parks, and the number of hunting-related deaths is 10 times bigger in the United States alone. Survival enthusiasts are predominantly the people that get hurt while camping or hunting. They get into sticky situations, and they never get out of it. They eighter wader without water, shelter, and often get injured in the process, they suffer frostbites, hypothermia, trench foot, dehydration, or even a combination of all.

You can’t survive in the wilderness without proper survival gear; to do so, you would have to be Bear Grylls, and even he gets some sort of assistance from his crew.

That is why we are going to give you the perfect survival accessories article, one that will tell you all about the best survival accessories you need to have at all times while in the wilderness.

1. Water Filter

Water is a resource that no one can survive without, and water should be your top priority if you wish to test your survival skills while in nature. That is why a water filter is an indispensable survival gear that turns a stagnant pool of water into a lifesaver.
For the best water filter, make sure to find one that meets all EPA standards and one that has shown to remove 99.9% of all waterborne particles and bacteria.

2. Military Compass

There are a few more useful survival items than a compass. For those of you who don’t know, I imagine not many, a compass is a survival item that will get you out of the wilderness effectively. A compass is a tool that is used to navigate, and it can help you navigate your way towards the nearest stream to follow it downhill. But military compasses are equipped with multiple features that make your life even easier. Some of the best features on military compasses are conversion charts to measure distances, rotating bezel ring to adjust sight lines to plot your course, and others.

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3. Lumen Flashlight

A compass might point your way out of the wilderness, but a flashlight will light it. When it comes to having a dependable source of light, nothing beats the effectiveness of a lumen flashlight. Lumen Flashlights are strongly recommended for any person who looks to go into the wilderness. But to get the most out of it, make sure to get one that produces 300 lumens of intense, focused light.

4. Survival Knife

With a foolproof method of navigation and an excellent source of light, making your way through the wilderness will be a piece of cake. However, dangerous animals roam the wilderness, especially at night, so you have to be prepared for anything. What better way to prepare for a dangerous animal encounter than with a survival, combat, knife?

5. Fire Starter

When speaking about high-quality survival gear, nothing beats the effectiveness of fire starters. Firestarters are very useful tools that help you produce fire when in need or warming up. Instead of bashing two stones on top of some straws, a fire starter is a very dependable tool that creates sparks for fires.