Sydney’s Amazon Web Services in Suffer Outage Thanks to Huge Storm

The Sydney branch of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered an outage over the weekend, and the company had to work until Monday so they could fix the problems.

Amazon Web Services has not yet confirmed what the problem was, and if maybe the problem was related to the storms that tore through Sydney during the weekend. The company recently reported that they were encountering problems with the service health dashboard over the weekend, and they said that they had encountered an increased number of EC2 cases and also the EBS volumes.

They said in a statement that the EC2 API calls in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 Region had experienced an increase in the error rates and latencies and had also encountered some delays in the propagation of instance state data which could be in the affected Availability Zone. After an hour of power loss, AWS reported that they had managed to restore the power at the facility, and noted that they had been able to recover the vast majority of affected instances and only a small number of cases and volumes had taken longer than required to recover.

In an update on their statement, the company wrote that they were continuing to investigate the connectivity issues they were facing and also the increased API error rates for the ECI2 APIs in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 Region. The company advised its customers who had been affected by the outage to start their recovery and replacement instances so they could have an immediate recovery.

One of the clients, Dominos Pizza, said that as a result of the Amazon Web Services problems their systems had also been affected but they had managed to recover quickly in just two hours, with their systems already up and running.

Other clients including FoxTel Play, Foxtel Go, and Stan were also affected by the Sydney outage. The companies spokesperson, however, confirmed later that they had recovered from the flaw already.

Westpac also said that their fingerprint sign in access page had gone offline and encouraged their customers to sign in manually by placing their customer number and password. Westpac, however, said that the issue had not been due to the AWS shortage, and thankfully managed to bring back their systems. Westpac claimed that the severe storm in the country had been the cause of the outage of their networks which had affected their services.

On the other aide, the Bank of Queensland notified its clients of problems they were facing with the ATM and Eftpos system which were down. The bank said the problem was due to a third party provider and said that the problem was affecting many of its banks.

The bank said in a statement that their customers had been affected by an outage of the banks networks, through their third party suppliers. The bank said that the third party supplier had experienced a nationwide ATM and POS link outage because of a power failure at the main site. The bank made clarity of the fact that they did mot source any services from Amazon Web Services.

Me Bank and IMB Bank were also affected by the problem and the outage left some shoppers without the ability to make cash withdrawals or use the EFTPOS payments service for some time.