Vodafone Starts Offering Business Plans and Applications for SMBs


Vodafone has just announced a new business-centric plan suite which also means they get access to third parties.

The company announced a new Business Flex plan which gives small and medium sized businesses a chance to curate their mobile phone plans. These plans are currently ranging from AU$30 to AU$150 per month at the moment.

Vodafone is offering unlimited text messages and national calls, including data of close to 20 GB per month for the SMBs. AU$5 per day of global roaming, a chance and opportunity to share the plan across all employees and also the inclusion of a personal account manager for all companies which consist of 10 or more employees on the Business Flex Plan. It rounds that up by including the telco 30-day Network Happiness Guarantee together with a 10,000 Qantas Acquire points, and also an optional technology fund which can be used by the businesses involved to buy new tablets and phones for use at their businesses.

The executive general manager of the Enterprise Business at Vodafone, Stuart Kelly said that the plans offered gave businesses opportunity to pay for that which was needed only. He said that the Business Flex plan gave them an alternative, which meant that businesses would get the main thing in getting a contract and then after they could get add-ons as they wished. He also said that they were proud of a company to give Australian companies which had 10 or more connections a new focal point so that they could deliver best customer service and do as their business needs.

Vodafone also expanded their Ready Business Apps portal which already consists of the Norton Small Business, Dropbox Business, MozyPro, Xero, and the Office 365 Suit. The company also intends to add the GoDaddy and Google Apps for Work applications later in this month.

Vodafone is going to offer the following services to their clients at varying prices. The Dropbox Business, Norton Small Business, Xero and GoDaddy Website Builder will initially be given on a two-month subscription. After that the company will offer the services at the following prices; Dropbox will start from AU$34 for two licenses every month; Norton Small Business will have their suite from AU$10.83 per month, and the suite can be available on five devices simultaneously.

Xero begins at AU$25 per month for just one employee. GoDaddy Website Builder starts at $14 per month, and MozyPro will cost $10 for 10GB of storage. Office 365 Suite will cost AU$7 per month for one license. Google Apps is slated to start at AU$5 per month per license.