T.J. Watt Meeting With Patriots, Cowboys And Redskins


We all know that J.J. Watt is one of the best defensive players in the world today. He is a dominant defensive lineman that needs to be double-teamed in almost every single game. Even when opponents do that, it’s not guaranteed that they are going to be able to stop him. Now, his younger brother T.J. Watt is ready to enter the draft and join his brother in the NFL.

Between the pro day and the NFL draft, T.J. Watt is working with his older brother. Those ultra-competitive battles that these two are going to have leading up to the draft are going to help T.J. to get ready for the big leagues. There is no doubt that the experience that his brother is going to share with him is going to help T.J. in the toughest competition.


According to reports, the younger Watt has been working out with the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and the Washington Redskins. He also has scheduled meetings with the Cowboys and ‘Skins at their respective team facilities. Squads like to know better guys that they want to draft and that is why he is going to visit them.

Watt is a linebacker that both Cowboys and Redskins could use. Dallas is going to focus on the defensive side of the ball in this upcoming draft as they should. We could see them in the previous season having a problem or two in that segment of the game. Similar to Cowboys, Washington has an explosive offense, but the defense failed to make an impact last year. Just like the franchise from Dallas, they are looking to boost the D and drafting T.J. Watt could do the trick.