Tana Mongeau Net Worth 2018/2019 – How much is the YouTube star worth?

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Tana Mongeau is currently one of the most famous YouTube stars. Herestimated Net Worth is $1 million, which she amassed thanks to the success of her YouTube videos.

The 20-year-old owns two YouTube channels under her name.
The beauty was arrested back in 2017, being publicly handcuffed and detained in Coachella for alcohol possession and minor consumption. She later claimed to have been completely sober during the incident.

How much does Tana make per year?

Her channels are called “TanaMongeau” and “TanaMongeau Vlogs”, both with millions of subscribers.
As Social Blade reports, her first channel helps her earn between$47.4K and $758.6K per year. The second channel generates around $16K to $255.6K a year. This explains the net worth she is worth.

Tana Mongeau merchandise

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Because of her increased popularity, sheis now selling her own merchandise. Here are some of the products with the prices she offers:

The Narcissist Hoodie is $31.47, the Crop Hoodie costs $28.67, Tanacon Hoodie will set you back $27.97, a Hefner Hoodie is $27.97 and a Hefner Shirt stands at $17.47.

Tana’s camera and equipment

Bit is not cheap to be a YouTuber. You have to own great equipment to be able to record quality videos in highest definition. Tana therefore uses two cameras, a Canon EOS Rebel t6i DSLR Camera, and a Canon EOS 6D Camera. The first costs around $439, while the second is about $700. Although expensive, for a person like Tana it is nothing special. Plus, they are essential to her further projects.

Did she buy a house?

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Tana posted a video recently of how she bought a 10,000 square feet house from Airbnb, located in Hollywood Hills. The catch is that you can only rent a house from Airbnb. She later posted a thank you tweet meant for Airbnb for renting her the property.

Is Tana dating Bella Thorne?

Tana and Bella Thorne have been the focus of media attention after they recorded a music video for hersong, Hefner. She then tweeted a photo where she is kissing Bella, after which fans were sure the pair was dating.

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