Taylor Swift in Deadpool Halloween suit – She got it directly from Ryan Reynolds


It is hard to do anything unnoticed when you are Taylor Swift, but for the past few months, she somehow managed to keep herself under the radar. Main reason for going incognito was as you probably already know her’s ‘not so nice’ break up with Avengers and Thor superstar Tom Hiddleston. But being a holiday season as it is she just couldn’t restrain herself from public exposure during Halloween. So she took time from her busy schedule and posted a couple of pics on Instagram.

For this year’s Halloween, she decided that she want’s to be, no more and no less, the Deadpool. Everything is possible when you are Taylor Swift but to get your Halloween costume delivered by Ryan Reynolds himself is something special. He didn’t do it in person, but the suit is actually the one he wore in the Movie. Where does Taylor’s affection to Deadpool coming from we don’t know but sure is nice when you have friends in high places, right?

Being nice as Swift certainly is she didn’t miss the opportunity to say thanks to Ryan Reynolds, naming him her inside man in Deadpool crew.


Big Holiday like Halloween couldn’t be what it is with only one picture posted. Instead ‘1989’ singer posted series of photos that featured her ‘gang’ of also famous friends. Their Haloween party was held or was just beginning in Swift’s NYC apartment. Taylor has always been surrounded by her ‘famous’ friends and this time was no different. The crew on this night consisted of Gigi Hadid as a Cub Scout, Kennedy Ray was a cat, and it was her birthday, by the way. We can also see, Lily Donaldson acted as Space Cadet, Emmie Gundler as a black swan, Marta Hunt as a Marcia Brady and last but not least the Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello as a grandmother looking for a cat.

With all of this said we are sure they had a blast and great time at the party.