Teams Pick Their Jerseys For The Super Bowl

Since the Super Bowl is always played at the neutral field, many fans don’t know which team is going to wear which jerseys in the most important match of the year. That is usually decided at least ten days before the game, but most people find out about the jersey colors when the duel starts.

Falcons PR has confirmed that the team will be wearing their red and black jerseys in the Feb. 5 Super Bowl match in Houston. That means that the New England Patriots will again play in their white jerseys for the second straight time in the final game of the season.

If we take a look at the past 12 Super Bowls, we can see that the team that has worn white in the biggest match of the year has won the Lombardi Trophy 11 out of those 12 times. The only squad that won the Super Bowl wearing their home uniforms in the past 12 years were the Green Bay Packers who did it in 2010 with their green and yellow combination.

The Patriots have played in a few of those last 12 Super Bowls. They wore dark blue in both 2007 and 2011, losing both times to the New York Giants, while they wore white in 2014 when they have beaten the Seattle Seahawks. Tom Brady was in blue uniform when he won his first Super Bowl back in 2001 and his second Super Bowl, in 2003 against the Panthers.

His first win with the white jerseys came in 2004 when he led his team to a win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Since then, it seems that New England had more luck with their away uniforms. Let’s see if that is going to be the case again on February the 5th in Houston, Texas.