NBA Fans Won’t See Gordon vs. LaVine Rematch In Slam Dunk Contest

After the 2008 and 2009 Slam Dunk contests, the NBA fans were treated with pretty bad showdowns during the All-Star Saturday Night main event. Some people were even calling for the Three-Point Contest to be the last even on Saturdays. NBA didn’t go that route, and the Dunk Contest was brought to life last year when we saw Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine in an amazing duel.

Zach LaVine put on a good show two years ago, but he didn’t have a decent opponent, and there was no doubt about the fact that Minnesota’s guard would lift the trophy at the end of the night. But last year, it was amazing to see the showdown between these two young players.

A lot of people were looking forward to a rematch this year, but it seems like that’s not going to happen. Zach LaVine, a two-time Slam Dunk Champion decided not to defend his two consecutive crowns and will not participate in the All-Star Saturdays main event.

On the other hand, Aaron Gordon will be looking to re-write the wrong from last year and has accepted NBA’s invite to participate in the contest. He will be looking to win his first title, after last year’s loss that many people think was unjustified.

We still don’t know the other participants in this event that will take place in three weeks time. Jaylen Brown was invited to participate this year, but also declined the invitation to the contest. Well, whoever faces Gordon in the dunk duel will be the underdog.