Tony Romo going to Denver, Houston or..?

Cowboys ended their season after the lost in Divisional round against the Green Bay Packers. Dallas had a fantastic season, the best in the regular part of 2016 NFL Season, and with the 13-3 score, they topped NFC East. When a footballing season ends the battles start on another front. The draft is closing in, and free agency has already begun. The Frisco-based franchise is already working on strengthening their team for the following season. In middle of improving for another Super Bowl run Cowboys could lose one of their stars. The player in question is, as you already suspect, former Dallas starting QB Tony Romo.

Romo had ‘best job’ in the NFL for more than ten years, but since 2014 he succumbed to injuries and played very few games. In season behind us, he was expected to start again for the ’Boys but was once again injured in a pre-season match against Seattle Seahawks. Dallas reserve quarterback Dak Prescott took it from there, and the rest is history.

Tony Romo appeared in only one game, against the Eagles in the last match of the regular season, and played just enough time for six snaps and one touchdown drive. Not enough to assess anything but to the list of his admirers it seems like he’s still got the magic in his hands.

With 37 years of age and a long history of injuries, Romo isn’t a safe bet, but some teams could benefit from his experience. We singled out five squads which go from those who are short of Super Bowl by a length of top tier QB to those that are utterly desperate. See our list bellow.

1) Chicago Bears – Bears are a good option for Romo because they have good o-line. From the teams in our list, they probably have the strongest offensive players. Their weakness is that they have the weakest group of wide receivers that doesn’t feature even one that you could call an elite. They have given up hands on Jay Cutler, so if they don’t draft a QB, Romo is a good option for them.

2) Houston Texans – Houston has a great defense, one of the best in the league and they have with relative ease won ACF South. Their playoff loss came from New England Patriots, and we know how powerful they are. Many people agree that they could even win this game if only their offense played better. Brock Osweiler wasn’t convincing as their starting QB through the entire season, but he earns a lot so we are not sure if Texans can make enough place in their salary cap to facilitate Romo’s arrival. Regarding quality, Romo is a significant improvement compared to Osweiler.

3) Denver Broncos – Broncos are one of those teams that can be described as being QB short of winning a Super Bowl hence the talks of Denver being next destination for Tony. Their defense is top class, but their offense suffered a lot this year because of the inexperience of their quarterbacks. Lynch and Siemian are both talented and have what it takes to lead Broncos to glory but maybe just not in the next few years. Romo could be one to do it, same as Payton Manning did in Super Bowl 50. The joint photo of Romo and Bronco’s sporting director Elway just added oil to the fire.

4) Buffalo Bills – Bills are going into a new season with a new coach, and they could also go in with new QB. This team went 7-9 last season which can be improved with their current quarterback Tyrod Taylor so they might not decide on going for Romo. We are not even sure that Bills could fulfill Romo’s desire for a Super Bowl run.

5) New York Jets – The Jets are the worst team in the list and with almost no chance of landing Romo. They have nothing to offer him but the starting job. Their only drive here would be sheer desperation because they lack a good player on QB position.