2024 Technology Innovations in Massage Chair Industry

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The massage chair is some sort of superhero for many people. It doesn’t matter how old you are. People that retire usually want to get this type of product. They are not physically active a lot and sitting in a massage chair is a perfect way to relax. Despite that, people that work a lot use it for the same purpose. When they come from work, they need to relax their muscles and thoughts.

Is there a better tool than a massage chair that will ensure your comfort?

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Yet, this type of chair went through a long period of progress. Older generations probably remember the first massage chairs. Many people from that time were not able to see the difference between a kneading and massage chair. Despite that, many people were afraid to sit in it because they thought the massage will hurt them.

Luckily, things have changed a lot during the progress period. First of all, people now have different ways to educate themselves about this product. A huge number of articles and videos are dedicated to this item.

Besides that, we live in the world of modern technology, don’t we? Well, the companies realized that they need to follow the trends. They slowly started to add some features that made this product even better.

However, there is one reason why people give up buying this product. Most of the items are not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune. Massage chair expert Robin Hamilton tested and reviewed dozens of affordable massage chairs on her Wellnesswires Website and said: “higher price tag not often correlated with high-quality”

So, do not chase the most expensive chairs. The price is not the factor you should follow. Instead, you should gather pieces of information associated with this item. Here we want to talk about 3 main technology and innovation that moved the entire industry forward.

Let’s get started.

Four-Hand Massage Technology

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Well, the phrase “four-hand” probably can tell you in advance how this technology improved the chair. People that bought a chair with this feature say that they experienced a very life-like massage. They felt that they visited a therapist.

Well, let’s use an example. You have probably tested the old massage chairs. You already know that their rollers somehow feel very robotic and mechanic. Logically, this is not something you need. It is maybe silly to say this, but you need a replacement for a therapist. You need something that will target the pressure points.

Well, with this technology, things are changing. First of all, modern chairs come with four sets of rollers. You now understand why the “four-hand” phrase is included in the name of innovation. Despite that, the power of the rotating rollers has improved to the next level. They are flexible enough to target all the spots that cause pain. Despite that, the rollers do a full rotation in both directions.

Okay, let’s explain more precisely why this is a “four-handed” technology. Indeed, four sets of rollers are the main reasons for that. Yet, the mechanism of the chair is based on the Easter practices four-handed massage. This type of massage suggests that the entire body needs to be fully-relaxed during the massage. Because of that, the purpose of this technology is to relax all the parts of your body.

VR Technology

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VR technology is something you can find in almost every field of business. For instance, many online stores use VR technology as a marketing tool to ensure the best possible experience for their customers. Because of that, the massage chair companies decided to another move.

So, what’s the point of VR technology?

Well, companies constantly try to increase the relaxation effect. Despite that, they are also focused on the health benefits that people can get from the chair. Both things are ensured thanks to this sort of technology. The VR headset will transport you in ten different places.

Anyway, the users will have a holistic sensory experience. This includes sounds, smells, and temperature. Imagine how it will look when you set up all the conditions before the massage. The process itself becomes a lot more effective and helpful.

Let’s put all the benefits of VR technology in one place.

First of all, it helps you immerse in the massage experience. You will be able to completely enjoy its benefits. Besides that, it works in different areas of the human brain which leads to full relaxation. Because of all the features that we mentioned, the massage seems extremely life-like.

AI-Driven Technology

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The third technology is not less important than the previous two. The most important thing when we talk about the massage chair is adaption. The users can now completely adapt the massage to their bodies. Despite that, you can adapt it to other needs.

Still, the adaption of the chair went to another level. The new technology allowed users to measure their vital stats such as blood pressure and oxygen level. Thanks to these facts, you can adapt the chair in the best possible way.

There are three different things that you need to know when we talk about AI-driven technology. First of all, you won’t click millions of buttons to personalize the massage to your needs. The entire process is quite simplified thanks to Alexa. You just need to ask it and the changes are going to happen. Believe it or not, you will be able to choose between 500 massage combinations.

Despite that, the modern chairs come with a tablet. You can use this item in two different ways – as a stand-alone table and remote. The users can play their favorite tunes while enjoying the massage.

Finally, AI innovation comes with a memory feature. For example, you had the last massage a couple of days ago. Logically, you adapted it to a certain way. Well, the chair can save all the features and programs that you picked at that time. In most cases, the modern massage chairs come with 5 to 10 memory slots. This is enough to save all your favorite features.