Everything You Might Want to Know About Temporary Storage Buildings


Are you looking for more storage or working space for your business but don’t have enough money to build a permanent structure, Or maybe you simply don’t have enough time to wait to erect a brick-and-mortar building? If so. then a temporary storage building could be what you are looking for. The beauty of these space solutions is that they have many benefits and they can be customised to suit all kinds of needs and align with your organisation’s style and blend in with existing structures and extensions.

This article will look in-depth at the most crucial things you need to understand about temporary storage buildings to help you make informed decisions and get the most value out of every pound you invest in these storage solutions.

Understanding temporary storage buildings


Temporary buildings can be ideal storage solutions for businesses that need urgent (or short-term) storage space. Temporary storage buildings are made from steel frames and cladding of different materials such as PVC, and in some cases, stainless steel if the storage space is needed for an extended period.

Organizations can have temporary storage buildings installed in a few weeks. and they come in various sizes and shapes. Users can store almost anything in them including seasonal items and excess inventory. This is made possible by the fact that these buildings can be customised to allow storage of different items, for example, adding cold storage facilities for perishable goods.

Businesses can purchase temporary buildings outright or lease them for a short period if they don’t need them for a long time, saving money that would be spent investing in permanent structures. They come in parts and are assembled on-site within a few days or weeks.

Types of temporary storage buildings


You can choose from several types of temporary storage structures and the manufacturers can customise each of them to suit your specific use and needs. Here are four main types of temporary storage solutions:

  • Industrial storage tents or temporary storage buildings: they are ideal for companies seeking urgent or short-term storage space because they are quick to install. In addition, most suppliers have them in stock, ready to be installed. Businesses can avail of them for a few weeks, months, or even years on lease—or companies can buy them outright. They are easy to relocate and are leased at no fixed-term contracts.
  • Temporary steel storage structures: they are semi-permanent buildings which are ideal for storing temperature-sensitive goods because they have steel roofs that have better ventilation than industrial tents. Users can get them on pre-determined rental periods or buy them out rightly.
  • Clear span storage structures: they are huge box steel framed buildings that allow users to maximise their storage space, so they are the best if you need a massive storage area. They can be made with steel-clad roofs or PVC air-insulated roofs as per the user’s specifications. These structures are designed to order, and users can lease or buy them.
  • Steel framed storage: these are the best for those looking for semi-permanent storage space. They are as fast to erect as temporary steel storage structures but cost far less than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. They are made as per customer specifications or bespoke to order for lease or outright purchase. Residential steel buildings are revered for their durability, versatility, and flexibility of design. Learn more about residential steel buildings at titansteelstructures.com.

Benefits of temporary storage buildings


These storage solutions have many benefits, but you need to buy or lease them only from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. You can have a peek here to contact the best temporary structures provider in the UK with over 30 years of experience and unrivalled customer service. Below are some of the benefits of temporary storage buildings:

They are affordable

If you’re looking for a storage solution and have a limited budget, you can count on temporary storage buildings to sort out your needs. You can buy or lease them for a short period without committing to large investments for short-term needs. The cost of installing a temporary storage structure is a fraction of the amount you need for a permanent building and you get the same functional space solution.

They are relocatable

The majority of temporary buildings are easy to relocate from one place to another, without any damage or the owner suffering losses. They are made of parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble without damage within a short time, thus are the best solution if your business involves constant movements.

They are quick to install

Because businesses need space for their excess production or to keep their excess inventory, there may not be much time to build permanent structures to use as stores. Luckily, installing temporary storage buildings can be done in a short time and have a ready-made storage space that meets urgent needs, allowing companies to take advantage of any opportunities.

They are versatile and easy to customise


Temporary storage buildings are highly versatile and can be put to so many uses including storing tools, machines and equipment or even perishable and non-perishable merchandise. These structures can also be turned into makeshift offices or work areas, and may also provide temporary shelter during emergencies. The buildings can be customised according to the users’ needs or depending on the items to be stored, which makes it possible to store many kinds of materials.

Tips for selecting temporary storage buildings

When choosing temporary storage structures, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the structure: think about the size of what you will be storing or how much space you need and specify a design of a temporary building that meets your needs.
  • The materials to be stored: the items to be stored dictate the materials specified for the storage building. If you want to store sensitive materials, you need a building made of high-quality materials, for example, high-density steel frames and heavier gauge steel cladding or PVC to allow proper ventilation and aeration.
  • The available budget: depending on the available funds you need to choose the building that matches your budget.


Temporary storage buildings offer companies much-needed storage space at an affordable cost as per their needs. In addition, temporary buildings are easy and fast to erect and can be relocated without any damage thus allowing users easy movements. The crucial thing is to buy or hire these space solutions from reputable suppliers to get the best quality and value for money.