Terrelle Pryor Plays QB, WR, RB And Even Safety For Browns


This was a typical game for the Cleveland Browns. There are games in which they just flat out don’t show up and get outplayed. They actually had a chance to win this game, but they missed few opportunities and were maybe even a better team on this Sunday against the Dolphins. But at the end of the day they, this game slipped through their fingers.

Even though they weren’t able to win in Miami, ex-Quarterback and now Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor was more than impressive in South Beach. He was all over the field, filling holes on offense and even on defense on some occasions. Lined up at quarterback 14 times, ran the ball on a couple of occasions including a rushing TD out of Wildcat formation. Threw the ball five times and completed three passes.


Pryor finished the game with 144 receiving yards, 24 passing yards, 24 rushing yards and 1 rushing Touchdown. At the end of the half, he even played deep safety to prevent Miami from scoring on a hail mary play. Did everything for his team, he was a real universal soldier.

He just continues to show his versatility each and every week. This is some highly impressive stuff by Pryor. Hopefully, rest of the squad will follow his example and give their best and even more.

It’s going to be interesting to see this Browns team when Josh Gordon return to the field and when Corey Coleman heals his injury. Pryor, Gordon, and Coleman trio should be deadly. They just need a real QB.