Two Super Bowl Contending Teams Suffer Huge Losses To Inferior Teams In Week 3

There were a lot of upsets on this NFL Sunday. Week 3 of this season is almost over, and we have some interesting results. It happens quite often that inferior teams win the game against their favored opponent. But today, we had two situations where the underdogs were able to blow out their Super Bowl contending opponents.

Steelers just couldn’t get going against the Eagles. One of the most potent offenses in the game scored just three points on this improved, but still not elite Philly defense. Carson Wentz looked good for the third straight game, and the Eagles are off to a flying 3-0 start.

On the other hand, we have the Arizona Cardinals. After that tough loss to Brady-less and Gronk-less Patriots at home to start the season, Cards stepped up last week and crushed Tampa Bay. Just one week later, they had one of the worst losses in a long time. Bills team that was just awful at the beginning of this year was able to beat Arizona, one of the best teams that NFC has to offer.

33:18 loss to the Buffalo Bills? Really? That is just not going to cut it for ‘Zona. This loss was even worse than the one against Pats. It was not even a close game. Rex Ryan and his team have a new life now, but Patriots are awaiting them in Foxboro next week.

People will stop picking the Steelers to beat New England and saying Pittsburgh is a better team. Yes, Eagles are much better than Buffalo, but 34:3 loss to Carson Wentz. Come on Steelers, you have to be better than this. It’s still early in the season, but top spot contenders need to answer some questions. Arizona especially.