Tesla emerges best auto company to trust in Canada, comes 11th for all categories


Tesla has broken new grounds and is now ranked as the best brand to trust in Canada. The Gustavson Brand Trust Index released by the University of Victoria in its annual publication that measures the level of trust customers have for the brands which were carried out on 6, 384 people.

It was from that data that it was gathered that Tesla is the most trusted brand in the car category in Canada.

This comes as a surprise considering that it was only in 2013 that the vehicle company made its debut with a little over 4,500 cars. Counting from that time to the present shows that it has only been three years that the company embraced roads in Canada with the provision of its Tesla Roadsters.


The time frame it took them to build such trust with their customers is quite surprising, but the people to thank are the younger generations of Canada who are not more than 35 years of age, and helped the company to beat other companies that have been there for a long time like Honda and GM.

Speaking to the media, Gustavson School of Business Dean, Saul Klein, in trying to make sense out the success that Tesla has made using the trust index of the school said a paradigm shift in the way of approaching things is largely responsible.

He noted that it was important for a company to state the functions it will provide quite clearly that are not only worth the money spent on it, but that has also being termed to be reliable. Stating what is most important, he said that what matters most is when the customers will be able to see the efforts a company is making towards treating its employees well, respecting the environment it operates on, invests in its host community and in general, care about the society at large.


The company was able to reach across to the stated younger generation and others who are very much interested in speeding up electric transport.

In the automaker’s category, the company was ranked first. It came in the 11th position when all sectors were combined. When it came to the electric automaker, Tesla came third when people that were under the age of 35 were surveyed with IKEA and Band-Aid leading.

Although the number of deliveries Tesla has made in Canada does not really amount to much of what it sells in a year, there is, however, a change that may come after the Model 3 is introduced in the market. A long queue was witnessed in different parts of the world like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal Tesla locations when the reservation of its stores was announced. Over a thousand people were seen waiting under the rain just to make a deposit for their vehicle.