Yahoo to make announcement concerning hacking of its data, affecting 200 million users

There are reports that Yahoo will make a public statement admitting there was a breach of service of its data portfolio. Not so long ago, the company was attacked by hackers who were able to have access to accounts of users in millions of numbers.

Due to the fact that there could be legal action including investigations that could be done by the government for the breach, the sources that confirmed the incident hesitated in divulging how bad the hacking was, but noted that it is quite serious and widespread.

One of the sources said that Yahoo in the early part of summer admitted that it was looking into its data that have been said to have been attacked by hackers and being sold online which were up to 200 million users.

While the announcement is expected to be made this week, there is also the negative implication such will announcement will have on their sale of their core business rated at $4.8 billion to Verizon. What this indirectly means is that the new buyers may have to face attacks from these people and the shareholders have concerns that the price could also be affected.

Although the deal is in its last phase, it cannot be integrated completely without the approval of various regulatory agencies in addition to shareholders of Yahoo. Series of meeting have been going on between Yahoo and Verizon representatives who have been working towards a smooth acquisition.

But with this information from the hacker who is famous for hacking and goes by the name “Peace” posted on its website that it has information on over 200 million users of Yahoo for a paltry $1,800. Peace said the information included personal information, passwords that can be easily decrypted, email addresses, birth dates and user names.

When asked about the development, Yahoo said it knows about the claim and was looking into it to know how legitimate it was. The company is yet to answer the call for users’ passwords to be reset. With this latest development, the company may have no choice than to abide which may be coming in late considering that the harm has already been done.

This hack is another dent on the image of Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo who was a formerly vaunted executive of Google that has refused a lot of business coming the way of Yahoo. It was her inability to bring new innovations to Yahoo or turn it around for better that made the company available for sale.