New 2017 Mazda 3 is Now Available In USA Dealerships

Certain changes have been made to the 2017 Mazda 3. That is the reason for some pricing differences. The Japanese company decided to keep the same price for the four-door sedan. That means it will cost exactly as the model from 2016, written in numbers, exactly $17,845. As for the hatchback with five doors, the new version costs $500 more. If you opt for this model, you will have to pay $19,095. There is an explanation for the price difference. While the Mazda 3 Sport 6MT sedan is having the same equipment like to model from the year 2016, the Mazda 3 Sport 6MT hatchback is offered with different features.

So, if you decide for the hatchback version, the 500 dollars more go to heated side mirrors with integrated turn signal lamps, automatic on/off headlights, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring. All of these are the standard equipment for the hatchback version, unlike the sedan. Not only these, but the hatchback also comes with bright beltline trim, premium cloth-trimmed seats and satin trim all over the interior.

As for the power and engines, no matter what version of the body style you opt to buy, or the choice of transmission (both automatic and manual have six speeds), all Sport models come with 2.0-litre engine with four cylinders. With 155 horsepower and 150 lb-ft on tap, this engine can return 33 mpg combined. The official data about fuel consumption is from the Environmental Protection Agency. Opt for the auto and that figure goes to 34 mpg. In the case of the 2.5-liter engine, that’ll be 29 mpg for the manual and 32 mpg for the automatic option.

The standard equipment package consists of power windows, power door locks, push-button start, electronic parking brake, remote keyless entry and power mirrors. It also has a 7-inch Mazda Connect media system with Bluetooth hands-free phone pairing feature and audio streaming included. The Mazda’s i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration is optionally available for some versions only.

“We are more than happy to give our customers what they want with greater availability of the manual,” Robert Davis, senior VP of Mazda U.S. Operations, stated. He also said something about different driving styles. “Mazda 3 has a nearly 15-percent take rate for its manual transmission, with most of those buyers opting for higher trim levels. Where so many competitors have retreated in the segment, we see an opening to engage those who enjoy the driving experience without compromise.”