Tesla takes Michigan officials to court for banning its vehicle sales in the state


Rick Snyder, Michigan governor was on Thursday sued by Tesla Motors Inc together with other officials of the state to the federal court for refusing to allow California automaker, Palo Alto from directly selling its vehicles to customers.

The suit is coming some days after a District US Court in Michigan summoned the governor for not allowing the selling of the electric vehicles to the customers that have been requesting for it. Tesla does not use franchised dealers to sell its cars.

It is on the premise that it is suing them seeking to expedite the order and standing on the ground that it has a licence to sell its cars. No response has so far been gotten from the side of the governor.

Currently, in states of U.S and other Columbia district, there are 23 stores that are operational owned by Tesla and as well as in other countries.

At the moment, the company said it cannot be given license to sell its vehicles in the Michigan, Connecticut, Texas and Utah and encounters challenges that prevent it from operating many stores in some of the states.


The suit is seeking that the court rules on the 2014 Michigan law that stops Tesla from repairing or selling vehicles as is obtainable in the state. The company said it has been pursuing the legal process for not less than two years.

There is a ban on manufacturers from directly selling to customers in states in U.S. There have been series of the lobby from auto dealers meant to limit the operations of Tesla.

In a statement from Tesla, they accused local manufacturers and auto dealers of fighting the company from making sales in Michigan. The company said that one leading legislator also revealed to the company that their presence was needed according to the plans by the auto dealers and that this is why they have been fighting their presence in the state.