Tesla Model 3: new interior image shows a new highlight


As you could see from previous reports, the interior of the upcoming electric Tesla Model 3 remained a total unknown. One info shocked us the most, and that is the fact that nearly 400,000 people placed a deposit for the Model 3 without having seen the final looks of the cabin. There is a possibility, although yet unconfirmed, that other bits and pieces of the interior might get changed due to the minimalist approach showed in the unveiled prototypes.

That minimalist approach shows its face best in the image of the cabin’s space in the daylight we managed to find. As you recall on the date of Model 3’s unveil in March 2016 no pictures of the interior were shown in broad daylight, they were always in the dark without any visible cues. Tesla has clearly forbidden any pictures of the interior of the prototypes to be published because they are probably planning to change it and they did not want people to expect that it will look the way you see it now.

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This image surfaced online very recently, and it is probably from Tesla’s corporate party in San Jose, few things are saying that it was probably taken last month. As we found out from the site Electrek the person who took the picture wishes to stay anonymous but sent them the full resolution picture, and it is probably the best look inside anyone will see before it hits the dealerships.


The first thing you probably have noticed is the lack of instrument cluster. This is because Tesla will most likely use a heads-up display system that will show all the information you normally have on the instrument cluster, as many rumors and speculations regarding this topic already reported. But this is not the only minimalist thing in the cabin. The other is the lack of air vents – or at least visible air vents. A company engineer that was in charge of test rides of the Model 3, in March referred to the vehicle’s HVAC as “a really unique ventilation system without traditional vents but only a single slot.”

As you probably know, in the Model S company already moved all the controls on the center touchscreen, and apparently, they are doing so with the Model 3 as well, with the addition of removing air vents and the instrument cluster from the dash leaving practically only a smooth surface. This might be somewhat controversial to some, but it can also appeal to others. The final version will be shown when Tesla officially finishes the vehicle and decides to introduce it fully to the broad masses.

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