Tesla Model S Convertible render for those who want more!


If there are any of you out there asking themselves why in the world would you want Tesla to make a convertible fleet of Model S roadsters, we have two reasons for you. First reason is simple enough. Even the EV aficionados, who prefer their car powered by electron juice instead of the standard combustion engine like some wind in their hair and why wouldn’t Tesla give it to them!? The second reason is a tie to the emotional gap that the original Tesla Roadster, that was a company flop as Mr. Elon Musk admitted back then, left behind when it got scratched.

Now let’s shed some light on a first reason a little. Since the Tesla has an overly silent nature (if you put aside the NHTSA-mandated electric vehicle soundtrack standard for now) owning such roadster will allow anybody to listen and experience the nature’s voice while traveling those back country roads guided by an autopilot. Oh gosh, can you imagine that? Sun is shining, birds chirping, a stream of water ripples and you are driving past all that goodness and divine serenity in the self-guided Model S Roadster. Now I really want one.

The second reason, to those who are familiar with the company’s work from the beginning, is no surprise. The car that started it all – Tesla Roadster was pretty much a Lotus Elise that suffered a complicated heart transplant, and was full of problems from day one. Its departure was expected and very much welcomed and even admitted by the company CEO and shareholders that it was a flop and that company never truly believed in that car. Since this was an issue back then, we can with certainty say that when they manage to overcome some of its current issues (such as the nonsense with the Falcon Wing doors on the Model X) they can dream bigger. This will allow the company to try to make up for their mistakes by releasing to the world another Roadster that actually works.

But if you try to dissect this problem further then you will get to the conclusion that the potential production version will not have lots in common with the current Model S. Why? Well, the ongoing gen of Tesla vehicles have somewhat of a problem when scales are considered, and then there is the battery technology that will be put aside at this point. Tesla will have to engineer a next-gen chassis that will be able to include a Convertible from the very beginning and only then could such a model be transformed in a prototype form.


But since all of this is a future deal, and a whim of Tesla company all we can do is feast our eyes on the render signed off by Rain Prisk, and hope that Mr. Musk finds this as an interesting proposal for the future!

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