Will There Be ‘Darksiders 3’?


Vigil Games launched ‘Darksiders 2’ four years ago, and it was such a great installment that since then its fans have been waiting for the sequel. Not a piece of official news on anything about the title was heard from THQ and everyone just keeps guessing whether a legendary actor will once again give his voice to a character in ‘Darksiders 3’.

According to GamenGuide, an actor from ‘Star Wars’, Mark Hamill will be back for this sequel. He voiced the Watcher in the first installment of the gaming series. His portrayal of the character was described on Reddit by his fans and also compared to his voicing Joker in the famous animated series – “Batman.” Namely, they think of the Watcher’s voice as deeper and slower, even more, gravelly version of the Joker’s voice.

It still hasn’t been confirmed by Hamill that he’ll return to give his voice to the Watcher in the game, which is no wonder since he has a lot on his hands now that he’s getting ready to work on the ninth sequel of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. What’s more, his voice is greatly sought-after, hence he voiced characters in animated series ‘Ultimate Spider-Man,’ ‘Miles for Tomorrow Land’ and also in games ‘Batman: Arkham VR’ and ‘Squadron 42’ in this year only. His future plans consist of giving his voice to characters in the animated series ‘Justice League Action’ – Alec Holland, Swamp Thing and Joker.


On the other hand, rumor has it that in this third installment of the Darksiders gamers will have an opportunity to play Strife as the horseman. In the previous release, Death and War were the horsemen, and it only leaves Fury and Strife who haven’t been played among the horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Darksiders 3 Release Date

The release date of the game remains a secret, but after THQ Nordic’s step closer to a public listing on the Swedish stock exchange’s First North listing, it might be just around the corner.